1. V

    Solar energy producing beach umbrellas
  2. W

    Solar panels for electric

    Hi everyone, happy new year. Is there a thread already started on solar panels for electric or can anyone give me some rough prices for supply and fit In the Didim area please.
  3. B

    Solar panel - lever off when abroad?

    Hello Datca & other Forum members, may I please ask whether it is advisable to switch off the solar panel lever when travelling abroad for a longer time period? Our solar panel lever is on the roof just next to the solar panel and it is a bit of an effort to climb up to the roof and switch the...
  4. M

    solar to battery systems

    Good morning All, im interested in the Solar to battery storage systems can anyone tell me if they have installed this type of system, and if so where in the Fethiye area sells the kits Martin
  5. B

    Cost Of Solar Panels.

    Just arrived in Akbuk, Didim to our holiday home. Our 2 solar panels have blown down in the winter. Are they expensive to replace? How much should we expect to pay? Thank you. Mel (and Anne)
  6. N

    broken solar panel tube.

    Ive just returned to my villa for the first time this year to find that one of the solar panel tubes has smashed allowing the water to flood out of it. There is no obvious reason as to why. Is this a common occurance. The system is just two years old.
  7. J

    Solar water

    Hi , wondering whether any one can enlighten me . We have solar panels and a drum with a very small drum on top which I've been informed is hot water system with an element in for the winter . . Having problems so need to change . I've noticed on some homes they have 2similar sizes drums ? And...
  8. J

    solar powered air conditioner

    Has anyone any information on solar powered air conditioning suppliers, price etc.
  9. R

    Photovoltaic solar

    Are photovoltaic solar panel popular here? I am from Hawaii and this system is very popular. Instead of the old batteries in the attic. It supplies power to your meter and it runs backward during the day and forwards during the night.
  10. C

    Solar Panels, Wifi, and Property Management/Maintenance

    Hello everyone I'm pretty new here, even though I've been watching for a while, and have five questions that I would love some help with from your collective experience, please. My husband and I are considering buying a property in the Akkaya area but need some guidance. First: How easy and...
  11. S

    Heating via Solar

    I was recently talking to a Turkish mate who was telling me about a new style of solar heating. He's a VERY experienced builder, plumber, spark etc and a very smart lad. He was telling me a local German man had imported an excellent Solar heating system which supplied the radiators. It is so...
  12. KEDDI

    New solar panels system

    Hello everybody, Our solar panels system to get hot water is too old and need to be changed Knowing how things are, your advices would be very much appreciated We'like to find a reliable company for this type of work around Didim/Altinkum as the bill will be quite substantial for us all in...
  13. Ian2006

    Anyone had a 3rd Solar Panel fitted?

    We have only just realised that the reason our water does not get very hot in the winter is that the 2 panels are hidden behind the turret style stairways and don't see much of the sun. At lunch today a friend suggested rather than go to the upheaval of trying to move the existing ones - which...
  14. M

    Solar panel Help

    Hi all I have solar fitted on my roof in apartment block duplex ,twin panels with hot and cold tanks I also have extra large tank on roof as back up , my problem is that I have no hot pressure at all and I think a pump may help, my question is where in this system do I locate the pump before the...
  15. S

    Solar Panels in Turkey

    Does anyone have info about installing solar panels to generate electricity in Turkey, or know of any company in Mugla province that installs them? I already have the water panels, but want to investigate generating my own power. Thanks
  16. christella

    Solar panels in England

    Any body had this fitted in England for electric I thought about it a couple of years ago but at £18'ooo I thought it was to expensive but had a quote today for 15 panels on my roof the quote was 5 grand What do you think
  17. martin m

    solar lights

    Hi all I am presently exploring my options for a solar light for the balcony, and wondered if anyone else had done any research that I could compare my "find" with, the things I specifically wanted were that the light would stay on, and not go off until either turned of or run out of power, so...
  18. Jaycey

    Using solar heating

    We’ve just moved into an apartment with solar heating and are wondering about the most efficient way of using it. Last month we had the immersion heater on continuously and used the aircon heating frequently but still think our electricity bill rather high at 280 TL. Is it better: 1. to leave...
  19. I

    Solar Venti

    Does anyone have experience of this solar product which changes the airflow in your property to prevent damp and mould? They have sold over 30,000 units and seem inexpensive if they work.
  20. C

    solar water heating

    hi, i am looking to install solar panels to heat water in my 3 bed, 3 bath appt and would like to benift from your pros and cons of the systems to use, costing and installers, will be coming back out mid april to get the panels installed so i would apreciate your advice and tips clive
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