1. N

    American College Soke

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has children that attend the American College in Soke and your views please. I have a 13 and 8 year old English speaking children.
  2. M

    Bus from Soke to Kusadasi

    Can some one confirm please if there is a bus service that runs from Soke to Kusadasi at regular times of the day that passes the Kusadasi Golf and Spa Resort. Also what is the price for a round of golf including club hire. Michael
  3. A

    Bus from Altinkum to Soke and then to Selcuk?

    can anyone tell me how long it takes by bus from altinkum to soke then soke to selchuk please
  4. A

    times of buses Soke to Kusadasi

    does anyone know the times of dolmus going from soke to kusadassi please also kusaddassi to selcuk on a morning for june thanking you
  5. A

    Dolmus time table Altinkum to Soke

    does anyone know what times the dolmus goes from altinkum to soke please on a morning thanks
  6. L

    500tl health check-up - Soke

    I have just been on a health MOT, so to speak, at the International Soke Hospital and it was amazing! It isn't an organised trip, but it is so easy to arrange yourself and the lady, Serap, comes into all of your tests (she averts her eyes at the more 'sensitive' ones! lol) and helps with all...
  7. Tommie

    Kay Merrett resigns from Soke International Hospital

    Kay Merret has resigned from the International Söke Hospital as some of the directors have insisted on charging foreigners 2 or 3 times the Turkish price. More... I have been there recently, for a minor problem, and have the utmost praise for the staff there. It's a pity that some of the...
  8. B

    shopping in altinkum / soke

    Hello, IM comming out to turkey in april and i was wondering is so.e one could give me a run down of respectable shops i altinkum or soke that sell baseball caps/designer sun glasses and if one exists a model/hobby shop. Would be greatly appreciated as i never got to explore enough due to...
  9. P

    MOT Soke

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. Please can you help? Does anyone know how the TUV (MoT) testing centre operates in Soke? We have a Benzene and Gas car, do we have to get an emitions test for the Gas before we go to the TUV test centre? If so where do we get this from in Soke?
  10. P

    new museum at soke

    new museum this is on the Kipa site, there is clothing and furniture (entrance is 4TL) and you get a guide who speaks good English to explain it all We took Phil and Di , then had a 4 massive pizza and drinks each 36TL for us all
  11. A

    Free bus to Kipa Soke?

    Does anyone know if there is a free bus from Soke town to the new Kipa and if so does it go from the bus depot? The good lady and a friend intend to get the dolmus from Akbuk, which of course goes to the Soke bus depot.
  12. K

    International Söke Hospital

    As promised please find below details of our open day for those people interested; The NEW International Söke Hospital would like to invite the Didim British Expat Community to an Open Day on Wednesday 11th July 2012. This is your opportunity to view our fantastic new facility and obtain...
  13. P

    Kipa soke

    20% off when you spend more than 100TL 24 till 27 May Bad news no Son Fiyat on Thursday
  14. K

    New International Hospital Opening in Söke

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would just inform you all of a new state of the art hospital that will be opening soon (hopefully by the end of May/June) I have just been appointed as Foreign Department Manager. I am from the UK, yes with a Turkish Kimlik, I speak fluent English and Turkish, I'm a...
  15. B

    Soke Kipa

    For all you shoppers (me not being one but the wife is) the shops around the the new Kipa in Aydin are open!! well about 75% of them, and it is very impressive I must say, If Didim does get its kipa lets hope a good shopping centre goes with it.
  16. maggie

    tekzen in soke

    just wondering if anyone knows whether or not the store in soke is open for business yet ? thanks hugs ,maggie xxx
  17. G

    Soke To Akbuk Dolmus Timetable

    Does anyone know how what times the buses leave Soke on its merry way to Akbuk, and in particular the time of the last bus? Thanks in advance GarryP
  18. G

    Dolmus Kusadasi To Akbuk (via Soke)

    Does anyone know the timetable for the Kusadasi to Soke and Soke to Akbuk Dolmus routes? We will be catching the Samos to Kusadasi Ferry which arrives at Kusadasi either at 10am or 18:30pm. I'm not sure if we catch the later ferry will allow enough time to catch the last dolmus back to Akbuk...
  19. A

    Explosion at Tekzen Soke

    Just been in an explosion in Tekzen in Soke outlets.........the whole area at the back of the shop went up in flames...and then the roof caved in......not sure if it was gas .....dont know if anyone was daughter is 8 months pregnant ,,,and we got her out with just cuts and...
  20. M

    Buses from Bodrum to Kusadasi or Soke

    I know in the summer there are lots of buses on this route but could somebody tell me the times of the buses after 5.00pm please
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