1. S

    Football politics and a divided society

    Been a Cville fan for over 30 years though didn't get to today's game. Sometimes sport and politics are forced together- especially in a divided society...
  2. K

    Fabulous photos from the Royal Society

    As a change from all the bad news. Some wonderful photos to enjoy.
  3. F

    Kadriye Golf Society Still Going ?

    Hi, Anyone know if the Kadriye Golf Society is still going, i used an email i found on here but didnt get a response. Im coming to belek jul 1-111 and was looking for info on greenfees/clubrental prices. rgs
  4. J

    Worm preservation society

    I have read this morning courtesy of Beyazaban of the above on another thread. I too am deeply concerned about the vile practice of eating worms so I would like to join your society. To such an extent I am prepared to offer my home as a venue for a fund raising supper. Black Tie of course in...
  5. A

    Golf Society - near Side -

    I understand there was a golf society called Kadriye and Belek Golfing Society but when İ google it - it just comes up with old posts of over a year ago when sadly the founder member died İ understand. Is this Society still ongoing? How would we sign up and find out more about it please? And...
  6. H

    Golf Society

    I`m told there is a golf society in Didim , thats meets every week or so. Does anyone have any details on this .Names , meeting place etc etc Thank you Graeme
  7. M

    Caring society - not

    Just read about an elderly man who after falling lay injured and bleeding on the road. Two women arrived and appeared to be helping the man. It turns out the "good samaritans" did not call an ambulance or assist in any way. What they did do was help themselves to the mans wallet containing...
  8. jandj

    Yeni Foca Canine Choral Society

    Like most Turkish villages and cities, Yeni Foca has its stray dogs. We have an unusual group!! At each end of day and each start of day "calling to prayer", our dogs sing in time with the Iman (tape). When the tape pauses, the dogs pause. When the tape starts again, the dogs start again. When...
  9. John O' Dreams

    Are MPs Representative of Society?

    Disabled MP was 'mocked' in Commons An MP with cerebral palsy has described how he was mocked about his disability as he tried to speak in the House of Commons. Paul Maynard, who was elected as the Conservative MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys last May, accused Labour MPs of "pulling...
  10. bobthenob

    Changes in our society

    This does differ from every country,but it would be interesting to see what other members views are on this one.Whether it is a view of a change in Turkey,or Britain of their policies to make it better for the communities and the visitors to their country would be interesting. My change in...
  11. bobthenob

    The parasites Protection Society

    I have decided to set up a pressure group known as the protection for the mossies society.ln short MPS. Here at the MPS head quarters are very compassionate people concerned about the increasing numbers of cruelty deliberately inflicted on the poor little blood sucking parasites that is just...
  12. Andy

    Nationwide Building Society

    If any members here have a Flex account with Nationwide there interest rate is now 0% so move your well earned money. ISA 's & Bonds are your best bet but these accounts have to be tied up with no withdrawals. It would be interesting to see where other members have invested to make the best of...
  13. PASH

    Turkish Law Society ??

    Hello all, is there such a thing as a Turkish Law Society or similar. If you have a serious complaint about a registered lawyer, where does one go in Turkey. Any help would be much appreciated
  14. G

    British-Turkish Cultural Society?

    Please can someone explain the aims of that society to me? [Preferably a founding member.]
  15. Mushtaq

    moan moan moan - throwaway society

    I bought a Thermos brand flask from Tesco couple of weeks ago, while washing it the other day I dropped it, in inner glass container smashed, so I thought no problem, I will get a replacement container... Thermos do not supply spares anymore, because according to their website, it's no longer...
  16. lorraine

    British Turkish Society branch

    The British-Turkish Society Branch opened today 10th September, it is only 500mtrs from my house and I forgot to go along to take a nose!! tut tut... The Branch have opened its doors and are venturing to amalgamate the expat and Turkish community in the region. Their aim is to assist British...
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