1. TLF Admin

    News Turkey bans ads on Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest

    Turkey banned social media sites that have failed to hire local representatives from advertising on Jan. 19, according to the Official Gazette. Last October, a new social media law came into effect in the country which obligates social media sites that are accessed over a million times per day...
  2. Tenpin

    More Social Media Controls on the way for Turkey Opposition leaders exchange jokes on Twitter after call for social media controls. Turkish opposition party leaders have made jokes on their Twitter accounts...
  3. N

    social distancing

    could 70 percent of social distancing not be solved by people wearing a full helmet like a much lighter version of those that astronauts wear with some holes on the top for air? i know we will look ridiculous but who cares. asking for a friend
  4. Tenpin

    Social Media Blocked

    Looks like all social media sites are blocked again (maybe temporarily), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc due to soldiers being killed near the Syrian border as far as I can tell. Looks like it started about 23.30 Feb 27
  5. Yalides

    Social media

    If you can`t hack social media then stay off it. I am sure there are millions of people who get through the day without Twitter, Facebook et al.
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Social Media cause for Divorce Ruling

    Take care what you post chaps, it could cost you your marriage:- The Court of Cassation has ruled in an unprecedented decision that a married woman’s social media posts showing photos of her while intoxicated on various social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, was a “violation” of her...
  7. T

    NHS & Social Care in Crisis!

    Should UK spend significant amounts of the 'Foreign Aid Budget' on our ill & elderly? Having been subjected to the trauma of SS & LA Vulture Culture that has become prevalent over the last few years & looking at the obscene waste of billions given to crackpot schemes & Governments, the only...
  8. Harem

    Social media blackout

    I wonder how long we are going to be treated like naughty children before they let us have our social media sites back again? NB At least I know now why it is being kept off: "Today is a special day for Kurds of the region. Official government announcements warn of the danger of incidents of...
  9. suzyq

    Gov’t blocks access of 21 private hospitals to social security

    Unfortunately the article only names 1 hospital. If you are going to use private hospitals it would be wise to ensure they accept SGK even if you have used them before. The Social Security Institution (SGK) has unilaterally canceled its contracts with 21 privately run hospitals without citing...
  10. J

    Social Mobility and Poverty This is an interesting report. Something close to my heart in that all children should be oferred an equal start in life leading to them having aspirations for a better life, be it in whatever sphere. Not widely...
  11. T

    Social Housing UK Under Tory Threat!

    The posh boys just can't help themselves, Barstewards! Busy promoting building 'Affordable Housing' with the bonus to those in that fortunate position with the added bonus of tax payers money being used to provide 'Help to Buy Schemes' on offer - What % of our youngsters can even dream of...
  12. bal canavar

    The Dangers Of Social Media

    A friend tweeted this link to me ,I was shocked at how easy these girls did as they were told and disobeyed parents .
  13. S

    Talk in English on Press freedom and social media

    A presentation that should be attended by all users of social media : Subject: Present State of Press Freedom and New Developments in Social Media 17 April Friday at 11.00 hrs. at BOTİM OASİS ( below THY) Haluk Şahin: Phd. Indiana Univ., Emeritus Professor of Mass Communications at Istanbul...
  14. mamish

    WOW! meeting 17 January

    Next WOW! meeting is Saturday 17 January, 11am to 1pm, Dogusbelen near Koycegiz. We're going to be discussing the moon - magic, myths, science and spells. The moon may or may not influence plant, animal and human behaviour. There are as many studies "confirming" its effects as there are...
  15. hijo

    our new kusadasi social club opening night..

    ...... A Great Night At The New Kusadasi Social Club,A Fantastic Turnout Great Entertainment ,Great Food ..And No Rip Off Prices For Drinks ,Well Done The Committee ,For Putting It All Together ......
  16. mamish

    WOW! Women's development group in Koycegiz

    Saturday 6 September is WOW! day.... Mark it in your calendar now. 11am to 1pm in Dogusbelen, close to Koycegiz The topic chosen by those at the last meeting is SHAMANISM. So if you want to discuss the what's, why's, and wherefore's of Shamanism, do come along. The more the merrier! No charge...
  17. B

    Any social groups in altinkum ?

    Hi , my name is Surriya ! I just joined the forum! I live in Glasgow ( Scotland ) but will be coming out to altinkum beginning of September , I would be looking to meet up with anyone living in altinkum or going out in a regular basis. I have an apartment in turkey and will be going out on a...
  18. J

    social welfare

    how come there is no social welfare or dole in turkey like ireland in ireland you get 200 euro dole and 250 euro stamps if you are unemployed which is 560 tl and 700tl there are some people in turkey in a bad state i have seen people searching the bins for food is there anything that can be...
  19. newhorizon

    Do you agree with Social Media tweeking your information?

    Do you agree with social media e.g. #Facebook using and manipulating your information for social experiments? I love the fact the article quoted below refers to Facebook as 'it' what do you think? what you read online whether Facebook or TLF does it affect your mood, emotions? Could...
  20. Dreamy

    Social worker job in Turkey - possibilities?

    I am a sosial worker, and would love to work With counselling etc in Alanya. How is the market and possibilities for this - does anyone know? I think f.ex to work With foreigners or tourists.
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