1. mamish

    Snowing in Dogusbelen!

    We have steady snow for the last half hour or so and the sky looks full of it!
  2. J

    Snowing again

    Its snowing again in freezing England -4 overnight and just above freezing now Looking forward to coming back out later in year as we have just booked flights last night.
  3. M

    Snowing in Gumusluk

    Snowıng ın Gumusluk,never known ıt!!! Mark
  4. alison09400

    It's Snowing!!

    Woke up this morning and got the shock of my life....outside was pure white; and it was snowing :clap: Had a hard job getting the car up the hill to go to work...I've never driven in snow or ice before so it was a bit scarey. Took some photos on my mobile but can't upload them on to here. I'm...
  5. arrian

    It's Snowing!!!

    looks like the snow has arrived here, but not sure if it will last.
  6. J

    snowing up north

    Hi all its cold this week in north east getting sick of all the snow.been clearing drive this morning. Wish i was sitting back on balcony, in apartment in akbuk. I,am still looking for flights for may very expesive at the moment. Has anyone got cheap flight, they can recomend. For end of may...
  7. luddendenturk

    It's snowing in Icmeler

    Just seen on another forum that it is snowing this morning in Icmeler, near Marmaris. How strange is that?
  8. christella

    snowing today in portsmoth

  9. cirali

    It's snowing right now in Antalya

    It's snowing right now in Antalya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freezing cold to keep its grip on Turkey through Wednesday Most of Turkey will see temperatures remaining low until Wednesday as a new cold front moves into the country from the Black Sea region, bringing with it heavy snow for many...
  10. Marc

    Its Snowing Here!!!! in Snowy Akbuk

    Yes, Propper snow, not hail or the like Real Snow, Its cold and sunny and snowing, Tom wanted to know if they'd be able to "Bum Sledge" by the end of the day, I dont think its going to last though. A strange sight in deed Take Care Marc
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