Snake oil, lotions and potions

    The older I get, I seem to find my self dipping in and out of various alternative medical remedies though I am sure it highly debatable whether they make any difference. My current fad is taking a large table spoon of cider vinegar 3 times per day as an aid to post Christmas weight loss...
  2. juco

    Water snake at Miletus

    Meant to post this a while back, I saw several of these swimming in the water at the back of Miletus amphitheater. I am not quite sure but I think its called a ring backed water snake and apparently not poisonous, I kept well away though.
  3. niamh

    Dahl's whip snake

    Spotted a Dahl's whip snake (Platyceps najadum) on my walk with the dog this evening (my first snake sighting here!). I figured it was a colubrid, but had to rely on good ol google for an id. Unfortunately, it sped off into the reed beds before I could get a pic so the attached picture is not...
  4. hijo


    our cat brought this into our lounge about 30 minutes ago missus nearly had a heart attack..
  5. peter the postie

    Largest dead snake ever found at construction site

    The sheer size of this thing is incredible! ... I thought the head would never come!!! Large dead snake found at construction sight video - SMink SMile & THink at the Same Time. ?
  6. davet


    Just saw a 4 foot long black snake in my garden. Two questions: 1. Are they dangerous? 2. Is there a local snake catcher? At least it was a good excuse for a few raki's to calm the nerves!

    Snake distribution

    I am attempting to form an idea of reptile distribution on the Bodrum peninsula and would like to hear from members with snake sightings. The attached photo is of the Ottoman viper, Vipera xanthina which is distributed on adjacent Greek Islands and the Turkish coastal region. It is one of three...
  8. bobthenob

    l Caught A Snake

    While l was attending to my garden for a photo shoot on a very hot stifling afternoon,l thought l'll just close the pool lids.What l saw in the reservoir was a 2 foot snake with a head similar to a viper.:Cry: l got the snake out so to free it in the field.The poor snake was only looking for...
  9. KKOB

    World's Largest Snake Found Dead

    Just look at the size of this thing ! YouTube - WORLD LARGEST SNAKE FOUND DEAD!
  10. Alan Fidler

    A snake in your trousers..!!

    I bet that heading got your attention... Lol. I've been following the "snakes" thread with amusement at some of the postings... Well, here's another snake story for you.... Another meaning to having a snake in your trousers... I think his problem was trying to get his snake back in his...
  11. S


    Was advised about an hour ago that a 6ft long snake on our sitesi has gone up our drainpipe and won't come out - our friends staying there are doing the very British thing and making tea for all comers but so far it's stuck and won't come out. What i want to know is - do snakes have reverse? Or...
  12. shirleyanntr

    first aid for snake bite.

    we had a thread about first aid for bites and stings a couple of years ago. With the recent spate of snake sightings now would seem to be a good time to remind people what to do in case of a bite. Since its not possible to identify which are poisonous and which are not the best approach is to...
  13. T

    Snake lovers and Karaoke competition

    THE TEMPO RESTAURANT SATURDAY 30TH MAY FROM 22.30 Belly Dancer and Snake Show followed by Karaoke Competition. Chinese Set Menu Prawn Crackers Any Chinese Chicken dish Egg Fried rice For only £8.90 (21 tl) Special 20% discount on Main Meal(not set menu) for TLF members. FOR A FUN NIGHT WITH...
  14. Leo

    Sea Snake

    Hi all, My daughter (in her early 20's) recently came across a sea smake whilst swimming on Kumkoy beach, near Side. She was helped by a local lad, who grabbed it and threw it away. My question, haveing not come across these before is - are they dangerous? Cheers Leo.
  15. shirleyanntr

    first Aid for snake bites

    First Aid for poisonous Snake Bites following on from the recent thread about snakes heres some basic advice that may come in useful if you or someone you see gets a bite...this advice is for poisonous snakes....the first aid for non poisonous is a little different..BUT since we can never really...
  16. Andy

    Snake swallows Dogs

    Huge python makes a meal of 11 Malaysian guard dogs KUALA LUMPUR. Guard dogs protecting a fruit orchard in Malaysia have met their match -- a 7.1-metre-long (23-ft-long) python that swallowed at least 11 hounds before it was finally discovered by villagers. "I was shocked to see such a huge...
  17. peter the postie

    Snake bite treatment

    Found this...
  18. B

    Snake Deterrent!

    Not sure where to put this so correct me if its in wrong place .A friend has asked me to ask if there are any such things as a snake deterrent that you can get here as she lives in an area with snakes and is terrified they will visit her near her home?!!!!!!!!
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