1. W

    Teb secure code sms

    I am just wondering whether anybody can come up with a solution to a really annoying problem being experienced at present. As with most banks I suppose, access to internet banking is governed by entering security details and having a one time passcode sent via sms to the user's registered...
  2. S

    Strange Turkish Telecom SMS

    Hi. Can someone help me with this as it is causing me some anxiety ! I took out a Turkish SIM card package 3 weeks ago. I then today get the following SMS message as below. I haven't a clue about what it is about ! Would appreciate any help that the Turkish speaking members can give. "Degerli...
  3. K

    SMS problems and Internet banking issues

    Is anybody else having problems with there internet banking .Not receiving SMS .:17: Every time i try to log on to my bank accounts it lets me in until the pin stage,then it should send me a pin number to my UK mobile phone. Both Garanti and deniz bank do not seem to be sending ther pins to...
  4. B

    Turkcell SMS translation

    Hi All; Is it possible to translate SMS messgaes from Turkish to English on mobile phones? If so do you need a particular model? Or can Turcell send sms messages to turkish phones in English. Thank you to any one who can advise.
  5. shirleyanntr

    polis sms in turkish

    i just had an sms from the polis ..its in Turkish i know many people not really good with the language tend to ignore them or may google them for the polis to txt this it means that there have been some incidents where money or kontors had been demanded Since some txt messages are more...
  6. F

    sms pin for internetbanking outside turkey

    When in turkey i use the internetbanking of garanti bank and yapi kredi with no problems. Getting the pincode to my turkcell phone with a prepayed card works perfect. When back home (germany) i can not recieve the pin code on the phone - however every other day i recieve turkcell commercial...
  7. djmagic

    free sms service

    in the uk we used to use a free service where i could send from my pc to my mobile an sms (text) free !!! great it was.!! is there a similar service in Turkey to send a txt to turkcell mobiles?? answers on a post card please...
  8. B

    Sms centre number

    Can anyone advise please. I am unable to send messages from my mobile although I can receive them ok. Having looked at the internet it seems my Message Centre Number has been changed or erased..........quite how i am sure i dont know!!! Anyway, there was a list of the Turkcell Centre Numbers...
  9. M

    Text SMS to Cyprus

    Has anyone heard of any problems with texting to cyprus it is all very strange, my sister lives in cyprus and she can receive calls but not text messages, she can receive text messages from UK. I have both a UK and Turkish moby and have text her from both but she only receives the one from UK. mo
  10. bexxy

    SMS from UK to Turkey

    Hi guys If I want to SMS from UK to Turkey is it 009 0****** or am I being a numpty :D
  11. K

    SMS International

    Don't know if anyone has come across this but seems to be handy for texting from your computer both locally and internationally although they say that international texts cannot be guaranteed delivery. :cell:
  12. K

    International SMS

    Is there any website which you can send free international text messages from your computer?:D
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