1. Freedom 49

    Gone up in smoke

    Yesterday afternoon our local Manav was destroyed by fire. Not long before 3pm a fire started from one of the motors in one of the large fridges along the wall and in no time at all, the place was ablaze. The smoke was so dense as it blew across the road, visibility was zero for quite some time...
  2. Kingfisher

    Liquid smoke

    Is liquid smoke easily available in the UK?
  3. M

    Stinking Smoke:(

    One of the reason's I like Altinkum is it's clean air.The lack of industriy makes this possible but just lately, espacially over towards the Saturday market area and beyond the air has been absolutely foul! It seems that soon as darkness falls someone is burning what smells like plastic or other...
  4. paddington bear

    Black smoke over Side

    Does anyone know what was on fire this morning in Side? There were clouds of black smoke which looked to be coming from somewhere near the Kumkoy beach road. Sue
  5. Lindacm

    smoke detector.

    Does anyone know where I can buy smoke detector near Dalaman? If not Fethiye? Thanks, Lindsa
  6. S

    Trip to big smoke!

    I am venturing down the mountain tomorrow to meet a TLF'r for the first time. As I am meeting up in Fethiye I was wondering if any of you city slicker types could give me a few tips re life in the places bigger than Uzumlu Is there anywhere handy in Fethiye where I could park my donkey? Is...
  7. lynnmcl

    Smoke Free !

    Would like to hear all your views on this... I am an ex smoker & i believe it can only be of benefit to all.. Bryan you can start em off!!!! Scotland bans smoking to tackle poor health A sweeping ban on smoking came into force in Scotland on Sunday. Experts hope the ban on lighting up in...
  8. merlin

    Smoke Alarms for your Turkish & UK property....

    If you have a property over here then just a reminder from an old topic that was discussed a few months ago, that Smoke Detectors are very expensive here (around 15-20 pounds) compared to the UK and you could do worse than pick a couple up from B&Q and install in your new home...
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