1. S

    Lamb Vindaloo and a John Smiths

    Hi peeps I'm in Alanya 25 Dec - 1st Jan, yay! 1. Is it dead there? 2. What's the temparature? 3. Where's the best curry (a real one, not school dinnery) and beer and will it be open that week? Thanks
  2. L

    John Smiths Bitter

    My Friend is bringing her old dad out for holiday soon. He will only drink John Smiths Bitter.Does anyone know if she can buy it in cans please? Needs to be somewhere within a realistic drive from Dalaman. Many Thanks.
  3. gerald

    WH Smiths £5 off £20 spend with voucher

    Valid Thursday 27th May to Wednesday 2nd June 2010 To redeem a voucher, you must present it to the sales assistant at the till before your transaction begins. You will not be able to redeem a voucher by giving it to the sales assistant after the end of the transaction. Voucher is at bottom of...
  4. petermcintosh

    John Smiths on Draught

    Hi Guys Just been asked by a friend of mine in the bowling club, an hour ago,is there anywhere in Altinkum that sells John Smiths on draught, or any good beers on draught will suffice. Cheers Peter
  5. Andy

    Steve Smiths Birthday

    Many Happy Returns of the day to Steve, Roz & Mr Blonde. Hope you all have a great day. Best Wishes :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
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