1. mollag

    I smell a rat.

    Oh dear, we can only wonder who they are protecting ? Certainly not the British public, you know, the ones they are paid to protect.

    The smell of christmas

    Went round to visit my friend Philips house the other evening and whilst enjoying my complementary lukewarm water he commented on the amount of time and money he had spent on this year's Christmas decorations. Judge for Yourself!
  3. O

    Dalyan smell drainage

    Hi everyone, Dalyan maras street and vardiya street smell all the time disgusting smell of drainage day time and night time, since a month. :(

    I smell dinner!

    Great video clip of when a polar bear gets a whiff of the BBC camera man. Must say the guy remains fairly cool, I personally would have wet myself! Video: BBC cameraman films close call with polar bear in new nature documentary - Telegraph
  5. R

    cupboards smell of damp

    Any advice on how we can rid the cupboard of the smell of damp and fust. Is fust a real word??? Mmmmm I don't think so. The cupboard in question has been washed, bleached and left open for weeks on end. Help. Please.
  6. gerald

    Can you smell it?

    Can you?

    How does your granny smell?

    Just listening to the radio and the Irish presenter was talking about what smells remind you of your granny! Mine is turf and carbolic soap. Whats yours?
  8. arrian

    Sweet Smell of Northern Girls!

    i've just read this article, and my first thought was "Yeay"!! then i read further, and everything i read about the southern girls applied to me!!! my favourite perfume for many years was Cinnabar, i love my hubbys' JPG aftershave, and don't like the floral perfumes! have i moved and no-one...
  9. mollag

    I cant smell!

    I have just beeen diagnozed with bad smellin sindrome with words frak to brunt complikashuns :(
  10. ted j

    What's The Worst Smell In the world To You

    Just Wondered What Smell Everybody Finds Most Annoying, Irritating, Or Just Plain STINKY . Mine Is GARLIC (I'm Allergic Thank God) But I Still Have to Sit In A Restaurant Near Someone Who's Ordered It On Their Meal And Breathe In The Fumes Of What Smells Like A Camels Fart While I'm Eating My...
  11. S

    smell after carpet cleaning

    Can anyone help!! My little grandosn spilt a cup of coffee over my carpet and I have tried over the course of a week to get it out with my carpet shampooer. The stain has almost gone but I am left with a horrible dirty water sort of smell which I cannot get rid of. Has anyone got any...
  12. C


    Can anybody help me i have an awful smell coming up in one bedroom from the shower room paid a plumber last year to try and resolve the problem still smells
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