1. kemerkid

    Smart watches.

    I have been looking at smart watches recently and wondered if any members had any experience of them they could share with me.
  2. immac

    Smart Home Tech

    I am planning to start on the road of Smart Homing my apartment. I will start with lights and fans, but integrate my Sonos sound system into it later. I am looking for suppliers in Turkey for light fittings and switches etc. Has anyone done this? At the moment I am looking at Wink2 and Wink...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Smart Phone

    As someone who does not have a Smart Phone, and has no notion of getting one, I found this article interesting. So the content on your mobile phone is more interesting than me It really saddens me to see mothers collect their child from school at the end of the day, walk out with the child...
  4. immac

    Smart for two wanted

    I am looking for a Smart for two. Post 2008 (new model) and 999cc. If anyone sees one, please let me know. I want cheap, but the bargains seem to be in the big cities; I am in Fethiye.
  5. S

    Smart Irish Postie!!!

    Galway postman manages to deliver Christmas card addressed to ?Yer wan who lives next door to the in-laws with a rake of kids? -
  6. L

    D Smart TV

    My 2 year contract with D Smart finishes this week. Does anyone know if it renew automatically or do I have to do anything? I've not had my usual SMS message to pay this month either. TIA Lesley
  7. bickern

    New virus locks YOU out of your Smart TV, and then CHARGES you

    SECURITY experts have warned about a growing number of cyberattacks on televisions – which lock out the viewer until they pay a ransom. Here's everything you need to know about the terrifying trend. Your television could be the next major target for computer hackers. Security experts have...
  8. I

    Kodi on smart tv.

    Finally managed to get kodi working well on my tablet. However obviously I would like a bigger picture & as I haven't got a hd tv I can't do this. Just wondering if I get a smart tv will I be able to download kodi on there & watch all these great programs on a good size screen or is this not...
  9. the bueman


    Hi Guys Here is a tutorial to allow you to use IPTV on the Samsung Smart TV's SERIES E....F....H...and J How To Install IPTV On Your Samsung TV - kodi m3u Database Addons Repos Downloads Isengard enjoy
  10. bickern

    Upgrade your TV to Windows 10 for £79

    Buy Windows 10 on a stick, add a wireless mouse and keyboard and off you go. The latest entrant to the computer stick game is the Archos PC Stick, a £79 Windows 10 PC that slots in the hdmi slot
  11. Spurs

    Smart TV help

    Had a bit of a Brucey Bonus yesterday. One of my sons has just completed 25 years at the same company & its gold watch time. In his case they have given him points & a website address where he can use the points. We went on the site & its all a bit "greenshield stampsish" but some decent kit on...
  12. G

    Dongle for Beko Smart TV

    Hi Can anyone recommend a wifi dongle which will enable me to stream from laptop to my Beko Smart TV. I am currently in Uk and could buy from Amazon, Ebay before I return to Turkey. I currently use HDMI cable but it would be nice to be cable free!!! Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  13. angiesco

    Smart tv

    Can anyone tell me their experiences with smart tvs please. I am looking to buy a smart tv with the hope of having access to uk television. I have a vpn and ı also have the chrome app, both of which ı use on my pc. What ı would like to know is can they be used on the smart tvs? (without the...
  14. L

    D Smart

    Anyone in Dalaman got D Smart television and internet? If so what do you think of it? They've a good offer for both on at the moment.
  15. W

    Uk smart tv

    Please excuse my ignorance on this subject but can anyone tell me whether my Smart TV which I use in the UK would be functional for freeview channels in Turkey?
  16. altinkum kev

    Help Vestle smart TV

    My friend has a new Vestle smart TV and I have tried to load film on direct to it, as I have done on my own samsungs without any success it keeps coming up download Adobe flash but the TV will not download it. Any hints please.
  17. tomc1984

    Smart TV

    Smart TV's. If you have a samsung smart tv, it is easy to change the settings to access the UK apps, you basically make the tvthink it is in the UK, not a very smart tv! You can then access easily the BBCiplayer, ITV player, 4OD etc. Works really well. You also need to change the DNS settings in...
  18. S

    Smart tv in Turkey

    I have a Smart tv here in Belfast but do any of you use one in Turkey?
  19. Harem

    Downloading Apps on Samsung Smart TV

    Has anybody got a Samsung Smart TV who can tell me, please, in words of one syllable, how to download apps? In particular we want to download FilmOn. Thanks for your help.
  20. E

    smart tv

    Got my smart tv 4 days ago .Can some one please advise me on how to update the adobe flash ,so i can watch film on.
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