1. M

    Adopting Small Dog

    Good day My wife and I would like to adopt a small dog. Any tips and suggestions? Also, can you suggest some dog adoption organizations in Izmir please?
  2. F

    Small & Friendly hotel required

    Hi everyone, I am an expat lving in Fethiye, I am looking for a small friendly hotel in Marmaris or Icemeler for a short break, location is not a priority as I enjoy walking, quiet location would be nice.
  3. E

    Small chest freezer

    Has anyone got a small chest freezer for sale in good condition we arrive on the 8 May Eddiecath
  4. K

    Small quake

    Did anyone feel the earth move just about midnight last night? Apparently there was a 5.2mag in the southern Aegean, the third in the same area in the last month. 5.2 magnitude earthquake 25 km from Émponas, South Aegean, Greece
  5. MiddleEarth

    CHP sweating small stuff-not seeing big picture

    CHP deputy sent to disciplinary council for dismissal over Atatürk portrait claim "Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Aylin Nazlıaka was sent to the party's disciplinary council to be removed from the party after a vote at Sunday's party council meeting. Nazlıaka had previously claimed...
  6. oldfogy

    Holiday Insurance (The small print)

    Just testing to see if this post also comes out as a Vbulletin formatted post as my last post (link below) has done. (and also needs looking into)
  7. oldfogy

    Holiday Insurance (The small print)

    Holiday Insurance (The small print) After a recent occurrence of someone falling ill (brain tumour) and now talk of requiring repatriation to the UK plus hospital bills to be paid etc etc etc and then finding out their insurance is not valid because of the length...
  8. oldfogy

    Holiday Insurance (The small print)

    After a recent occurrence of someone falling ill (brain tumour) and now talk of requiring repatriation to the UK plus hospital bills to be paid etc etc etc and then finding out their insurance is not valid because of the length of stay in Turkey and are now looking at bills in the region of...
  9. Mikee100

    Wifi on small sitesi

    Do excuse me if this has been covered before, I have searched but to no avail. We are on a small sitesi of 14 units, we have a standard domestic modem with a booster further into the grounds. This has never been satisfactory with some residents unable to get a good strength of signal. Our...
  10. G

    Moving to Kirikkale - Thinking About a Small Motorcycle

    Anybody have any advice on Motorcycling in Turkey - are the drivers absolutely terrible and it's not recommended? I've been looking at the offerings from Mondial that are basically Chinese bikes with a local brand name on them. Any other motorcyclists on here?
  11. I

    small wedding/dinner in Istanbul help!

    Hi all, as some of you know I am getting married in istanbul this summer, hopefully! We are looking for a small gathering, less of a party as we will be having that later in the year but a nice family dinner, cake and some photos. Around 10-15 people. We have looked at kiz kulesi... wondering...
  12. Jaycey

    Small business/big business or the dole?

    A comment on the ‘£2 per day’ thread prompted a few thoughts and rather than take that thread off topic I’m starting a new one. I’m surprised that people would need to be ‘pushed/forced’ into becoming self employed - I had assumed that everybody had a dream of being their own boss. In 50 years...
  13. M

    Small dog missing in Hisaronu

    We are trying find a tiny dark brown short legged dog ,she was always on the streets in Hisaronu . Around the Lemon Tree down to the fountain area . Also near the Ocean Blue area. She has a kind loving home to go to if we can find her . She is a very sweet little dog and friendly. If someone...
  14. K

    very small snails eating my fruit trees

    I have an ever increasing volume of very small conical snails eating my fruit trees in Dalyan. Branches where they are really established die. I have been into my local pesticide shop, both in Dalyan and Orteca, and no one seems to have an answer. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Were...
  15. Gazarra

    Give the small Lokantas a try this time !

    If you want to save some money this time instead of supporting the same old overpriced,over rated restaurants with their smarmy front men and over attentive waiters give the small lokantas a try. You'll experience good Turkish food at a very reasonable price ........many times under 10 YTL ...
  16. T

    RBS faces claims of 'killing off' small firms

    Royal Bank of Scotland faces claims of 'killing off' small firms - Telegraph Royal Bank of Scotland is being investigated, they are suspected of charging large fees to small companies in order to squeeze them out of business then they seize the companies assets to prop up the bank.
  17. H

    taking small dog to UK

    Hi I am looking into taking my terrier to England in June, has any body been through this. How much exactly? and all things I need to do. Thanks
  18. H

    UK or EU car or small Van wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a UK or EU registered car or small van that needs to be out of Turkey around April 2014 or later Thanks.
  19. H

    Wanted small appartament for 4 wks

    Fethiye area , 1br app. or studio wanted for 4 wks from oct. 8th/9th.. We're an english speaking couple in our 50's visiting the area.
  20. M

    Moving to Izmir mid September with small baby.

    Hello I am trying to find some info on the type of care my 2 week old baby will receive in Izmir, things like immunisations/health visitors or midwives. We are moving there from the UK in September due to my husband getting a posting there with the army. I really want her to have the same...
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