1. L

    SMA Gold - Migros

    Hi if anyone is over in Side in the next 4 weeks and happens to pop into Migros could you check if they stock SMA Gold Baby milk please..Would save me carting a tub over in my luggage......Just a cheeky request....Thank you in advance
  2. petermcintosh

    SMA Gold baby milk

    Hi Guys or should I say Girls Can any of you help me, we are out in May and bringing our grandaughter with us age 17 months, Margaret has asked of me to ask any of you, can we get SMA gold, its wee cartons of milk for babys, marked 1st infant milk from birth onwards. Cheers Peter
  3. E

    SMA White in Olu Deniz

    I wonder if any of you can help me. We are travelling to Olu Deniz in June with our 5 month old baby and was wondering if anyone knows if you can buy SMA white formula in any of the shops? Would save me a lot of space in my already bulging suitcases. Many thanks, Emma
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