1. immac

    Slow Internet

    Connecting to Internet is problematic tonight. Speedtest shows normal speeds, but actually getting data/connection/Web pages is another matter. Very slow. Pages taking minutes to load, if at all, with some sites timing-out. Tried to go through VPN, and could not get a connection to VPN abroad. Ian
  2. A89

    slow internet?

    Anyone else in Alanya using TTNET got painfully slow internet tonight? alison
  3. L

    TLF very slow.

    I have in the last few weeks found TLF very slow,I don't have this problem elsewhere.I log into TLF and it takes about 5 secs to connect,likewise I going into various threads and again about 5 secs to open them. Has anyone else felt this delay on TLF,I am thinking that this coincided with the...
  4. S

    Slow iPad

    Any tips on speeding up my iPad? Never had any probs in 4 years I have had it but lately it's def getting sluggish, not just on net but also between screens and apps
  5. yalimart

    Ultra slow forum pages

    Anyone else having problems with the forum running extremely slow ? Martin
  6. immac

    IE Explorer Very Slow

    At times ( all day yesterday, for example) IE11 is very, very slow. It is not my Internet speed, and I have tested that by having IE11 and Firefox open at the same time, getting them to go to the same page, and FF will get it in seconds while IE11 will be timing-out, never having got to the...
  7. I

    Incredibly slow internet

    Over the last few days my internet speed has been appalling. Download speeds averaging about 0.11. I have called ttnet & they say that there is no problem with the internet & it must be my modem. It's a new modem from airties & all seems ok. How can I check if there is a problem with it??? I am...
  8. B

    Slow cooker cookbook

    Slow Cooker Cook Book for Sale Over 200 no-fuss delicious one-pot recipes for relaxed preparation and tasting eating - Catherine Atkinson 10 ytl - collection Koycegiz
  9. T

    what could be making my PC slow?

    I now how fibre optic broadband and tests show my laptop at speeds of 33+meg (max is 40 meg) but sometimes it is still slow is there anything I can check on my computer that might be causing this? I update things regularly, I clear out temp files. Is there anything else that can cause problems...
  10. A89

    yahoo mail slow

    Is anyone else having a problem with yahoo mail?? Its so slow to load, then when it has opened its so slow to open a mail or to delete anything, sometimes by the time it gets round to finishing the order to delete its clearly forgotten which mails its actually supposed to be deleting and deletes...
  11. M

    Slow cookers

    Hi everyone do you know if I could bring a slow cooker in my hand luggage please? Or can I buy one in didim and if so how much?
  12. Mushtaq

    THC – found in cannabis ‘could slow cancer tumour growth’

    Scientists at a British university have made a major breakthrough in revealing how cannabis could be used as a treatment to prevent the growth of cancer. Research carried out by a team from the University of East Anglia (UEA) has shed light on the still “poorly understood” theory that an...
  13. S

    Slow internet??

    Is it just me or is there something going on with ttnet internet at the minute? For the last week, although the speed tests show we are still getting the same speed the pages aren't loading properly, mostly going to 'problem loading page', we can't get into any videos on Facebook, can't open up...
  14. kemerkid

    Slow forum

    The forum is slow this evening, it's not Philips ipad causing it, is it?
  15. S

    VERY slow ipad!!!!

    Can ANY of you give me any suggestions or help re my net speed problem. On my Android tablet speed is showing at around 4.5 which believe me is good for Umbongo BUT- and this is driving me mad-on exactly the same router my ipad is only managing 1.5!!!!! Any suggestions at all re speeding up...
  16. teosgirl

    Victim of rape, becomes victim of slow judicial process

    LOCAL - Turkish victim of alleged rape demands urgent action to have abortion Sad and shocking treatment by the state authorities. Charlotte
  17. janA

    Slow worm

    Does anyone know if there are slow worms in Turkey. I took the dogs out late last night and came across a creature slithering behind our car. It looked like a very large worm (about 12-16 inches) long but had a snake type head, it did'nt move fast like a snake would, it was a muddy brown colour...
  18. Yalides

    Slow cooker for sale

    Another one for sale. Please pm Tigerbetty for a phone number. She has to learn to use the forum herself......
  19. Yalides

    Slow cooker

    Slow cooker for sale 25TL
  20. A

    TTNet slow speed in Akbuk?

    Is anyone else experiencing slow download/upload speed in Akbuk/Didim this week? Every day no matter what time of day or night or which server I test with, I am getting the same result, 0.87 mbps download. I am paying for 8 mbps. I am thinking they are throttling the speed but just wondered if...
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