1. S


    Been here now 7 weeks so thought would give update on my Slingbox so far. I am very pleased with its performance. Despite crappy download speed here in Uzumlu- averaging around 3- the picture, sound and playback consistency has been very impressive. I would say 95% of the time no issues...
  2. S


    Thought I would start a separate thread re this piece of kit. For those of you who at home have Sky or Virgin why not watch all those channels on your tv when in Turkey. You are paying your tv bill at home 365/365 so why not utilise it even when in Turkey. All you need is internet access both...
  3. G


    Hi Can anyone who uses Slingbox tell me what up/download speeds they have at each end of their network. I am considering buying one and have very ample up/ download speed at source end but in Turkey only a 2.5kbps download speed. Would this be sufficient?
  4. gally


    Hi all I'm thinking of buying a Slingbox when I go back home. Just the Slingbox Solo, under 70 quid on Amazon! Benn speaking to a couple who rate it but I was wondering what the general opinion on TLF was ???
  5. wayne+nik

    slingbox and sling catcher

    HI ALL, A question for anyone in the no how, in our house in uk we have a spare virgin media box that we very rarely watch, my plan is to attach a sling box to this tv and set top and internet feed and in turkey get a slingcather attached to tv and router for internet. Has anyone done this ? in...
  6. tomc1984

    Slingbox and / or sky player

    Does anyone know if you can pick up UK channels via a slingbox based in Englan, while in Turkey or are there still restrictions. Also does the Skyplayer work online in Turkey? Any advice welcomed greatly.
  7. paddington bear

    Anyone using slingbox

    When I get to Turkey I have been told to use a Slingbox connected to my daughter's TV in the UK so I can watch TV on my laptop. Has anyone any experience on using this, as I don't want to pay £169 for a Slingbox only to find it doesn't work. Sue
  8. tomc1984

    Connecting slingbox to TV

    Hi, Anybody know the answer to this, I know the principle of the slingbox and how it works, great if I have a pc connection, anybody know if the laptop can be connected to a tv to watch programmes. Without a slingbox, you can also use Orb, just google it, it allows you to connect via the...
  9. lynnmcl

    Skype V Slingbox

    Hi Forum guys n gals, Have just came across this on the net, Does anyone have any further knowledge of this service, Does it work, How easy/hard is it to set up? Might be of use if it actually works and you only go over to Turkey a couple of times throughout the year. Thanking you in advance...
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