1. D

    9/11 Twin Towers. 22 years on.

    LEST WE FORGET. On This Day... 22 Years Ago. 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in...
  2. Mushtaq

    Has TLF run it's course and should be put to sleep?

    For a while now I am getting the feeling that maybe time has come to close this forum down. There seem to be mainly argument between very few members about the same things, often there is much mud slinging and complaints to mods. My main reasons for starting this forum was to exchange...
  3. S

    Turkish film 'Winter Sleep'

    I'm trying to find out if the film 'Winter Sleep' is on in Alanya yet, or even if its on DVD. The film is by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. This drama film is set in Anatolia and looks at the divide between rich and poor as well as the powerful and the powerless. With a lot of drama inbetween. It runs for...
  4. giglets

    Sleep Well, Blonde Bombshell.

    Margo MacDonald has died, after suffering from Parkinson's Disease for a considerable time. She was one of the guiding lights of the Scottish Independence movement and was a woman of tremendous courage and strength, as well as having a wicked sense of humour and a gentle kindness. Sadly, she...
  5. arrian

    Bad nights' sleep!

    for no apparent reason i didn't sleep well last night, waking up every hour or so, then nodding off again. finally gave up at 4 30 and got up. just been on Facebook, and my daughter has posted still being awake for most of the night, and then my grandaughter has also posted having had the worst...
  6. giglets

    Ex-Monkey Davy Jones Dies in Sleep

    BBC News - Davy Jones of The Monkees dies aged 65
  7. S

    The best night sleep ever !!

    For sale king size Latex mattress ,latex + latex covered springs, mattress, This bed is just fantastic relaxe's your body and you get the best night sleep. cost in th U.K. the same mattress £700, This mattress is as new asking £200. with pine base same price. Bargain Tel-05554757825
  8. pineapple1

    1 More Sleep !!!!

    Well I'll be there tomorrow . Causing goodness knows what mischief . Fell off the bus last time and skinned my knees . Blew up the kettle. and kept hubby waiting for me untill 0730 because of silly bus . I hope its quicker this time . For once i'm staying in a Otel so only bringing my...

    Lack of sleep ?

    The average married adult loses out on around 730 hours of sleep every year - thanks to their partner's snoring and fidgeting. A study discovered we lose two hours a night due to our other half's grunting, tossing or turning.That means over our lifetime we can expect to be deprived of around...
  10. S

    cockrels and dogs, cant sleep

    Just thought I'd have a moan about the dogs that belong over the road that are keeping me awake running after everything through the night and barking non stop for hours and now to top it off my neighbour has been and got chickens and has been waking me about 5am each morning, oh my how did i...
  11. arrian

    gassed while they sleep

    i think there was a thread on a similar thing happening in Spain, now it's the French Riviera being targeted. Gassed in their beds by Riviera robbers: Terrifying ordeal of the British tourists falling victim to Mediterranean gang crimewave | Mail Online
  12. pineapple1

    One More Sleep

    One more sleep and i'm off tomorrow to alanya , case not packed yet , I'm looking forward to acheing feet , mossy bites .Cooking for hubby , He's asked me to make a steak pie , Need to colour my hair walk dogs find dresses and sandals , oh i feel worn out !!!! I don't mind if i over sleep ...
  13. pineapple1

    When You Can't Sleep

    Come on everyone .. Tell me what do you do when you can't sleep . I'm not awake enough to get up and do housework .I'm to sleepy tp type this . But my brain wont rest and i'm stressed out .0530 in uk i haven't slelp at all , So what do you do that makes you nod off . { no not that } soon it'll...
  14. M

    Villa wanted in August to sleep 11

    Has anybody got a villa that sleeps 11 people. Preferably in Ladies Beach area. I have somebody who wants to come over in August 10th for two weeks but my villa is booked then. Can anybody help?
  15. M

    Villa wanted in August to sleep 11 - Kusadasi

    Does anyone have a villa available for rent in August. Unfortunately my villa is rented out for those dates and there are 11 people who want to rent for two weeks but it must sleep 11 people and be on the Ladies Beach area ideally on a site with swimming pool. Please e-mail if you have...
  16. Helenm150

    Uyku Vadisi (Sleep Valley)

    Hi forum members, has anyone visited Ukyu Vadisi - I think not far from Bodrum airport - I heard it is like a nature trail with a small water mill and picnic area?
  17. immac

    Sleep Alone

    New Scientist - Lack of sleep saps men's brain power 22 July 2006 From New Scientist Print Edition. IF YOU have ever thought you were stupid to sleep with someone, consider this. Sharing your bed could actually make you stupid if you are a man - at least temporarily. Even without having...
  18. Mushtaq

    How can i tell my dreams (not to sleep with you)

    My eyes have finally learned not to weep for you My arms know there's no need to reach for you But as long as my heart tells my mind what to do How can I tell my dreams not to sleep with you? Busy days I find ways to keep you off my mind Still you know you come and go about a thousand times...
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