1. ted j


    Just tried to see if I could book with skyscanner and when I get to the "Book" bit, the button lights up, but nothing happens when I click it, no pop up or other window, anyone else have the same prolem? I have disabled my pop up blocker, but still no joy
  2. H


    I have had brilliant price for flights to Bodrum through skyscanner, but when I go to book with the companies they say these prices are no longer at these price.... This has happened several times over the last few weeks, but the companies are still on skyscanner. The flights are with Turkish...
  3. G

    Flight deals at Skyscanner

    This site has a friendly interface and comes up with good options at good prices. It also easily enables you to find the best deals if you are flexible in travel dates. Very comprehensive. Got me a deal. Give it a whirl.
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