1. kemerkid

    Skype Credit.

    Does anyone on here use Skype credit and if so can you give some details please ?
  2. J

    Community Annual Meetings - Options

    A few years ago, I remember some talk of a Sitesi in Akbuk holding their community AGM in the UK: Is this allowed as long as the majority of owners agree and its undertaken under Turkish Law e.g. That the decision book is completed and notarised? Also is it possible to undertake postal voting...
  3. E

    Skype freezing

    A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Windows 10. I had a few problems which I sorted out but although I could open Skype it froze. I uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version. This worked OK for a week or so but has now frozen again. I don't want to go through the palaver of uninstalling...
  4. Jaycey

    Skype Security

    I’m getting 2 or 3 Skype contact requests every day from the strangest places – obviously I block them and report as spam :62yd: But has my Skype address been hacked somehow? I really wouldn’t want to change my Skype address. Has anybody any idea what is going on? Thanks
  5. paddington bear

    Skype problem

    Has anyone else had problems with Skype today, all I get when I try to ring a landline in the UK is a mans voice saying "your call cannot be completed" Sue
  6. bickern

    Skype with ANYONE using a browser

    Trying to explain to a relative how to install Skype before you can call them can be a painful process, but Skype has a solution. It has introduced Skype Links that let you make video and voice calls with friends and relatives even if they don't have an account. The link has to be generated...
  7. TNT123


    Is it my Internet or is anyone else having problems with Skype.I was on this morning but since dinner Ive not been able to get on.Replys soon please as the good Lady is going off her tree here. Trev.
  8. immac

    Skype Translator

    Skype is to bundle a translator onto Windows. Article says it is on Win8 at the moment. Has anyone tried it? Is Turkish on the instant messaging? "The feature enables users of different languages to chat, whether by speaking or instant messaging with each other, and have their conversations...
  9. Helenm150

    Skype to Turkish mobile

    I can't seem to Skype Turkish mobiles for some reason - does anyone else have the same problems please? :19:
  10. T

    Turkish lessons [one to one] via Skype

    Hi friends, I am an experienced Turkish Teacher. I have been teaching Turkish for 15 years and recently I started giving One to One lessons via Skype. If you are interested in lessons, pm me. Lesson fee : 10 Euros per hour. note: You can visit my facebook page regarding teaching Turkish...
  11. bickern

    Skype Translator

    This could be useful to some but it is still in beta at the moment. If anyone has experience or downloads it then it would be interesting having an unbiased view. Shame no Turkish and I am not sure how accurate/successful that would end up being if they do release Turkish...
  12. kemerkid


    If you want to know the time ask a policeman. I am a Skype user and apart from a poor internet connection it works quite well for me. One of my friends in England however is not having such luck and has lost the use of his service. Everything was fine up until about a week ago when an automatic...
  13. beyazbayan

    Skype Updates

    İt seems every time İ get an update it locks me out and İ have to go through a complicated rigmarole to re-set passwords etc to get back in. Anyone else had this problem?
  14. basic

    Skype problem`s

    Is any body else have problems with Skype ie can not call out from Turkey,or is just a problem with my setup
  15. Helenm150

    Suspended skype email

    I just received the following email to my spam folder so was a bit suspicious but tried logging into my skype account and it is indeed suspended - has anyone had a similar email in the past - is it OK for me to go ahead and complete the account recovery form? :animation...
  16. petere

    skype unavailable?

    is anybody else having trouble with Skype. for last four days I have been getting message--SKYPE HOME UNAVALİABLE- thanks in advance
  17. B

    marriage via skype?

    can one marry Turkish person through Skype?
  18. christella

    free 60 mins credit skype

    Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online. Microsoft | MSN Tech & Gadgets UK click on above
  19. gerald

    Free Skype Credit

    This offer is back on again Free Skype Credit (approx 60 minutes) Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online. Microsoft | MSN Tech & Gadgets UK Enter the name of the person who you would most like to call on Skype. Make MSN your homepage by clicking on the claim your credit...
  20. S

    Skype on smartphones

    Does anyone know which smartphones support Skype video calling ? Apparently iPhones don't other than over wi fi
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