1. M

    Bozdag skiing

    Does anyone know if the small ski resort at Bozdag is open ?
  2. N

    Jet Skiing

    Hi. Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can rent a jet ski please. Thanks in advance. Only a few days left til we get to Turkey. Hopefully weather is better than in Watford!
  3. immac

    Skiing (Seki) Info

    I am trying to find a contact number for the ski center at Seki (between Fethiye and Antalya). Is there a Web site? Is there a contact number? Is it still open? Ian
  4. L

    snow skiing in turkey

    i thinking of taking my family skiing.. we have been to france the last 2 years and just stumbled across a turkish skiing website. has anyone been skiing in turkey? if so is it as how does it compare to france,italy,austria etc for costs? thanks dave
  5. D

    Snow Skiing in Turkey - advice and recommendations

    Hi guys and girls, I am wanting to explore the skiing scene in Turkey. I live in Istanbul, travel is no problem so I was hoping you may be able to share some experiences or knowledge about the ski centres available. Travel, hotels, costs, rental passes etc... Thanks Kev
  6. Mushtaq

    Skiing in Turkey: a long way from St Anton

    Skiing in Austria or France can get a bit samey. Turkey offers a very different ski experience, without long-haul flights Gemma Bowes The Guardian, Saturday 23 October 2010 Every year I face the same dilemma: how much holiday do I save for ski trips, and how much do I spend going to new...
  7. P

    Win a week skiing worth over £12,000

    Enter our prize draw to win an amazing week in a luxury chalet next January for 8 people worth over £12,000 Enter your name and email address. good luck! Scott Dunn
  8. topcat

    water ski-ing

    Can anyone help me. I have been water ski-ing for over 10 years. I always used Paul at the Tamarisk Beach in Ortakent. Well last June he left and went back to South Africa. In October I used Arti in Ortakent who was very good but on my last ski he did not turn up so he is not very reliable...
  9. Mikee100

    Skiing near Bodrum

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the nearest ski fields are to yali. I think there is sking up near Izmir, does anyone know the distance,facilities and costs etc. I realise it will be over by now but trying to make plans for next winter. Thanks in antisipation. Mike
  10. W

    Skiing / Snowboading in ANTALYA.

    Hi, Has anybody been skiing or Snowboarding in Antalya, I believe it is approx 1hr 40mins away from Side. Is the resort / place good. easily got to etc. many thanks Wayne j.
  11. P

    The dangers of skiing

    It's that time of year again and anyone who is going skiing or thinking of going skiing, please be aware of the dangers and risk you put yourselves in. Take care out there...
  12. cirali

    New Skiing Center For Antalya

    ANTALYA - A cable railway to be established at southern city of Antalya`s Kemer town will make it possible for tourists to swim in sea and later ski on the same day between February and May. The cable railway will be enacted on Tahtali Mountain at an altitude of 2365 meters. It will be fully...
  13. Danny and Gwen

    Winter Skiing

    We have a villa in Mavisehir Didim, and we are thinking about spending christmas in Turkey this year. can anybody tell us how far we would have to travel to ski. We believe the sking is good from Oct till March. Thanks, Danny and Gwen
  14. K

    Hi Introduction and Skiing

    Hi Skiing and Introduction Just a post to say Merhaba. Having looked on the site several times there seem to be quite alot of useful bits of information . Bought a villa in kalkan last year and whole family dives so do quite a lot of diving whilst out in Turkey from fethyie to kalkan and Kas...
  15. shirleyanntr

    skiing resorts

    sking resorts. following on from Mrlins post about thermal resorts there are some great ski resorts in Turkey ..which i dont think get widely advertised in the uk. there is a super resort in the mountains outside antalya..just about an hours drive called Saklikent...not the same Saklikent thats...
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