1. Leo

    Jet Ski

    Hi Folks, looking for some advice. When we move over permanently in early 2017, I will be bringing some items from the UK with us. Does anyone know if there is any restriction on me bringing my old jet ski ? - just need to make sure and also check that I won't get stung with import tax etc. TIA
  2. Mushtaq

    Anyone for a Ski trip to Isparta?

    I just noticed we have an advert in the new TLF shop.
  3. T

    Snow and ski tour davraz isparta

    Hı All I have just advertised the above excursions ın the new TLF Shop. Feel free to take a look! Also we have details on our new facebook page Emmaturizm, a LIKE on this page would be much appreciated
  4. L

    Best Ski Resort from Turkey

    Hi I am looking for a place to go skiing at Christmas from Turkey either from Dalaman, Bodrum or Izmir. I am looking for good value for money and as I am a novice at good place for beginners. I have been looking at Vitosha in Bulgaria and Switzerland. Has anyone any recommendation to go who...
  5. L

    Bringing ski box & card to Turkey

    Hi all, is there anyone out there who has done this sucessfully. I will be comming to tinki soon and would like to hear from anyone who has done this. I subscribe to ski in u.k. and have a ski HD package which I was hoping to install, with card, of course, when I come, or does this not work in...
  6. teosgirl

    Kartalkaya ski trip

    Hello :) Many members are interested in discovering new places around Turkey and so with this in mind I thought I'd share my experience of our half term break to Kartalkaya. It was my first actual skiing trip, though I've previously spent a night in Uludag and a handful of day trips to the...
  7. stevecarol

    Ski slope too slippy

    Some artificial ski slopes in UK have to be closed because there too slippy with real snow on them. They got to kidding me.
  8. KKOB

    Seki Ski Resort Ready

    According to a post on another forum, the Seki Ski Resort will be opening on 25th December.
  9. shirleyanntr

    Ski resorts in Turkey

    Here is a travel article ive pasted from Earth Report...makes a change! Turkish ski slopes yet to be discovered by mass tourism Uludag/Kartalkaya, Turkey * The snow crunches auspiciously under the skis and the lift gives off a familiar hum. At this altitude, there's a wide view of the...
  10. Andy

    Santa Ski Game

    Try your skill at this easy ski slope santa game. Iv'e just had 1 try & reached just 151.520, 6579th in the world. 2nd go 304.590. 3472th in the world. Thats enough for now Ranked 759 with a score of 651.880.
  11. M

    Seki Ski - Details ????

    Hi anyone know anything about the 'ski facilities' at Seki ? Is it easy to get to by car from Fethiye and is it worth going up for a day's ski next week ? Can I hire ski's / boots up there - How much will it cost for a day's skiing ? Thanks Mike
  12. D

    Jet ski hire ??

    Can anyone advise if there is anywhere you can hire a jet ski in the altinkum area and how much they cost. Many thanks
  13. SOLO

    Jet Ski purchase/rent in Altincum/Akbuk

    HI, All! Does anyone has experience or knowledge of Jet ski purchase prices in the region (any particular shop???). Is long term rental an option? Is license required for a long term rent? We are talking about three or four for the group... (Hopefully...) All your thoughts appreciated...
  14. VWBug

    Turkey, A Ski Heaven...

    TRABZON - There are many ski and winter resorts throughout Turkey thanks to its geographical position and conditions. Indeed, Turkey is an important winter tourism center. Parts of Turkey are mountainous, and many regions have cooler climate than the sunny Mediterranean. The leading ski...
  15. F

    2 bed villa in turkey for ski accom

    Hiya, I have a new 2 bed detached villa with shared pool in Hisaronu, Turkey, and although I love going there I am also a ski addict. If anyone fancies a property swap for any type of ski accomodation in Europe or America I am interested. more details of my villa can be found by sending me a...
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