1. G

    Satellite size

    Back to Turkey and Alicati in September armed with my quad lnb and satellite motor,so the question is what size dish and what could I hope to see with a 1m dish?It's pretty windy here and it will be mounted on the wall on the roof hopefully it will stay up there and the wall too.Yes I'd like...
  2. Jaycey

    Does size count?

    Biggest aircraft ever built. Built in Russia during the 1930s, it flew 11 times before crashing and killing 15 people. The designer, Konstantin Kalinin, wanted to build two more planes but the project was scrapped. Later, Stalin had Kalinin executed. Evidently, it was not good to fail on an...
  3. M

    Screen Size

    Hiya - I have another problem. Somehow, the bottom line of my screen has "dropped" out of view. I can get the two-way arrow on both sides and the top to change the size of the view, but I can't get to the bottom arrow. This is a problem because sometimes when I want to open a document, it...
  4. maggie

    Screen wrong size

    Hi all you clever clogs ,!! I decided to wipe my old desktop computter and start again with it ,!! Ive sucessfully managed that much to my amazement .!! However the picture does not fit the screen . My OSD does not seem to be working so I cant use that to make the picture fit the screen . Is...
  5. shirleyanntr

    penis size

    the bloody cat pressed the keyboard before i'd put the right title im sorry for those who ar easily offended its an interactive map with size and İ can see where you stand Penis | Penis Size | World Map
  6. shazyboy

    What size satellite dish do i require?

    A big HI! to all. Is there anyone on this forum using a 1.1m or a 1.2m dish for astra 28.2e degrees in Turkey? If so could you please tell me if you have the following free Asian channels listed on your set which i require. ARY NEWS not (ARY DIGITAL) PTV Global B4U Music I have a dreambox with a...
  7. shazeroo

    Day Bed / Full Size Double - One Day Left to buy..

    Hi - the person who was hoping to buy our day bed unfortunately can't now arrange transportation in time so we are now offering it at a drastically reduced price and will accept 550 Turkish Lira o.n.o. - but it needs to be collected by Monday (from GumSan, Gumusluk). It is a top quality, very...
  8. shazeroo

    Top Quality Day Bed / Full Size Double Sofa Bed For Sale

    We are selling this top quality Day Bed at at an exceptionally low price as it cost nearly £700 new and is in perfect condition. It is a large piece of furniture that is extremely versatile as it also converts to a full size double bed. I have put several photos on showing how it changes to a...
  9. S

    king size bed +Visko / memory foam matrress

    5' hand made pine bed + a fantastic visko ( latex ) memory foam mattress it also has foam continuous spring system ( no turn ) moulds around body and gently cradle's your body. REALLY the best night sleep. I have a bad back and need a hip replacement this bed is better than any pain killers...
  10. R

    Thomas Cook Hand Luggage size is sad

    Hello I have a really small hand luggage and measured it up the other day and was shocked that it was 10cm too large for Thomas Cook. My hand luggage is tiny and cannot believe the size Thomas Cook will allow. Thomas Cook 43cm x 28cm x 23cm( max 5kg) British Airways 56cm x 45cm x 25cm...
  11. L

    ThomasCook - luggage size

    Hi, are TC rigid regarding the size of handluggage?? Reason for asking the size of my luggage is ok with Monach, but is slightly over the limit for TC with whom I am returning with, going out with Monach. TC 43 x 28 x 23 Allowed Mine 49 x 34 x 18 too big????
  12. Hotmama

    Wanted - Double/King Size Bed Calis / Fethiye Area

    Looking for the above if anyone can help. Base, Mattress (not rock hard) & preferably headboard in a nice clean condition. Please PM me with a picture & details or call on 0536 211 5593
  13. lara

    LOOK at the size of THAT!

    My husband has just been talking to our neighbour in Turkey, he very kindly waters our plants for us while were back in the UK, in return we take him seeds from here. He's had my husband in stitches, apprantly he was so shocked by the lengths of the cucumbers that he's dug them up, thinking they...
  14. L

    bed size? help req please

    hi all. getting all the bedding for my apt in england b4 we fly out end april to furnish it, what size are the double beds normally? do i buy king size or double fitted bottom sheets? any advice will be help full. thanks andy
  15. T

    Music files size matters

    Anyone help with this? Since buying a new windows 7 pc I find that my music (wma) is taking up more space than my old pc also used wma, I am only getting half the number of tracks onto my mp3 players. Tracks that were 2-3mb are now up to 4,5,6,ect. I have googled music compressor pages and...
  16. Martyn

    Look at the size of these Kangals!

    Arse About Fez
  17. Glen

    King size mattress plus one internal door

    We have recently bought a Memory foam mattress so our previous mattress needs a new home. It is King Size, in immaculate condition and has been slept on for a total of three weeks. We also have a new internal white panel door complete with lock and key. We will accept any reasonable offer but...
  18. T

    What size of satellite dish is needed in Turkey.

    I spotted a 'camping satellite' system in Lidl this morning at £69, then discovered that Maplins have one for £49. This got me thinking. It would easily fit in a suitcase. I could take one over with me next week but would it work? At least the instructions would be in English (big positive...
  19. B

    full size snooker tables

    Hi , just wondering if anyone knows of anyplace in Bodrum area that has full size snooker tables and let a 15 year old play on them? Many thanks Brenda
  20. KKOB

    Increase font size on screen

    If you'd like to see larger or small fonts on your computer screen and have a mouse with a wheel between the left and right buttons, here's what to do. Place your cursor somewhere on the forum page, hold down the Ctrl key and while doing this, move the wheel towards you for larger fonts and...
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