1. L

    Current situation

    Hi. We are thinking of returning to Alanya in November, Oba in particular. I wonder if anyone could tell me what the current situation is there with regards to Coronavirus. Is it life going on as normal (albeit with face masks) or are there stricter sanctions? Are there more cases than we are...
  2. mollag

    Laptop restrictions lifted from Turkey?

    Any info on the laptop procedure for Turkey at the mo ? We are a tad out of touch at present .
  3. M

    Bodrum Tourist situation this summer?

    Hi there. With all this regional issues going on, what is Bodrum's tourist situation likely to be this summer? I come there every summer, keen to know if tourism is doing ok. I know from my home country no tour operator will bring tourists there next summer whereas last year most of them still...
  4. bickern

    There is a situation in the Dalyan animal shelter.

    I have been asked to post this here from a concerned friend. I have not confirmed anything but if anyone has influence or knows someone in the Belediye maybe they can help. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hi animal lovers! There is a situation in the Dalyan...
  5. B

    National Service help! Slightly complicated situation.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help us, the consulate in London have not been overly helpful and we don't speak Turkish so we are finding it very difficult to find the information we need. Here is the situation (I'll try to keep it brief): My husband was born in England, he has lived...
  6. staceman

    Turkish Visa situation

    Hi all Can anyone shed any light on the visa situation Can we still get at the airport or do we have to apply online Many thanks Nick :smile:
  7. K

    Driver's License for my situation

    Hi all! I tried to find the right forum for this, but couldn't find one specifically about driver's licenses so I'm dumping it here. I'm from the US and I've been in Turkey on a residence permit for 3 years. I recently renewed my license in the states and am wondering what I need to do to...
  8. E

    I need (quick) advice on a buying situation

    Hi everybody, please help me out on this one and save the comments like "use the search function" if you don`t feel like helping. This really is a time issue and I`m a little panicky. Here is the situation: My wife and I are moving to turkey in december and had planned to rent longtime before...
  9. Yalides

    Euro situation

  10. M

    Can someone please explain my tourist visa situation? :)

    Hi everyone, I would highly appreciate some advice on my tourist visa as i am so very confused. I first entered Turkey on 26/07/11 and exited on 31/07/11. So that would be 6 days. The sticker was a multiple entry 90/180 days. I came back to Turkey on 19/12/11, which is still within 180 days...
  11. Firebrand

    The Kurdish situation in Turkey

    There are some very interesting articles in today's Guardian on the subject, published before the news broke about the killing of 35 Kurdish civilians. Kurds in Turkey: arrests and violence threaten to radicalise a generation | World news | I have raised this issue many times...
  12. tinkycarol

    Mese Construction complexes - your maintenance situation?

    Hello, I am interested in speaking to/seeking advice from any Mese Construction-built property owners in Altinkum/Didim. Mese Construction is run by Mr Mete Telyakar. I am on Diamond City 3, a 66 apartment/4 block complex in Camlik, near the Box (ex-Hilltop) bar, which will be 3 years old in...
  13. culturevulture

    Situation in Egypt gets worse. Breaking News.

    Egyptian authorities impose curfew in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez starting 6 p.m. Friday, state-run Nile TV reports. International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News Mary.
  14. L

    Six month visa - coming soon now?

    At the risk of sparking off another will they/ won't they/ what the hell's going on/ you should have a residence permit anyway discussion, I went to Kos yesterday and they gave me the six month visa once again on my return. I know this was postponed before; I was just wondering if anyone had...
  15. L

    Water situation in Turgutreis????

    Hi all, Hope you're well. Just wanted to ask if anyone knew of the current water situation in Turgutreis. We haven't had cold water for two days now. We get our water piped in from the council and there's a rumour that they have run out. Has anyone heard anything? Could it be that they've really...
  16. P

    Sunbed Situation

    Hi all When I was out last summer I was having to get up around 6.30am to secure some sunbeds around the pool. Has it been the same this year? We are coming out for 2 weeks at the end of this month and I would rather buy 2 beds and write the apartment name on them, or even carry them to and...
  17. C

    TAPU - current situation

    can anybody tell me what is the exact situation now re sales to foreigners ins Turkey? I bought in 20045 and an still waiting for my tapu. Carol
  18. R

    My Tax Situation

    Hi all, Yesterday I attempted to honestly answer a question about CGT in Northern Cyprus-which I do know something about. Unfortunately, this seems to have turned into an excercise to determine whether I have, or have not, paid my taxes in the UK. For everyones information-just to satify your...
  19. T

    TAPU Situation

    We purchased our apartment in Fethiye at Xmas 2005 and signed the contract early January and paid the final instalment 28th January 2006. We are still waiting for our TAPU which our agent says should be any day now! but this was the same conversation at beginning of June!! We are due out again...
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