1. S

    Pets/Home sitting

    Simply have to tell you of an absolutely amazing service we came across We wanted to go on holiday for a month but as our 3 cats are elderly we were wary of such a long stay in a cattery Came across a service whereby you as an owner join up for £80 for a year You then put on details of where...
  2. A89

    Pet sitting / dog walking.

    Do you have an important event to go to or simply wanting to get away from the heat of summer for a while but not wanting to disrupt your pets routine? Then don’t worry! Dogs, cats and other pets can be cared for in the comfort of their own home by a lady with many years experience of a wide...
  3. ZiaCa'

    Cat/House Sitting

    Hello Looking for someone to stay at my place in Uzumlu to look after my 3 cats and do my twice daily cat feeding round for a week in September (and in future when I go away). Please pm me for dates, more info and for fee offered for the stay. Thank you! Carla
  4. T

    Are you sitting Comfortably?

    Are these the flight seats of the future? The shape of things to come? Airbus reveals bicycle-style plane seats to fit more passengers on flights - AOL Travel UK
  5. R

    Pet Sitting

    I wonder if there is someone who would do pet sitting at peoples home. I have dogs and cats and it would only be for emergencies. (Near Köycegiz)
  6. F

    House/dog sitting

    Does anyone know of anyone who does house/dog sitting in the Manavgat area as we are looking for a sitter for our 3 dogs over the Christmas period?
  7. T

    Pet sitting

    Let your PET make a real holiday in our PARADISE Garden. I am looking for your animals why you are away.... We have a huge Garden more than 2000sqm and i Take the dogs for 2-3 walks a day - real walks :-) They are not in a cage - they are free with lots of love being a part of the family!! If...
  8. P

    Sitting in pub.

    Sittin in the pub last night minding my own business in walks this very attractive female, wearing not just a rangers top but a scarf also. She sat for an hour or so chatting to her mates giving me the glad eye any chance she got. She then came over & bought me a drink n proceeded to chat me up...
  9. D

    House and pet sitting

    Available from 1st June 2012. Experienced for many years with dogs. Full CV available on request. PM please.
  10. S

    Pet Sitting in your home

    Do you need your pet (s) looking after while your away. I will walk and feed and stay with them in their own home environment. I can let you speak to my friends that have four dogs to tell you about me. I am now available for Christmas and the New Year. Please PM for further information.
  11. D

    why isnt 'house sitting in turkey more popular?

    İ am going on from the previous post offering a free rental in return for house sitting! why arent their more ads like that--it must reduce problems caused due to properties being left empty through the winter -i know insurance companies consider unattended properties in the uk as riskier.
  12. C

    dog sitting ?

    I am looking for someone to occasionally dog / house sit ( weekends fri afternoon to sunday afternoon ) for 2 dogs in an apartment in Tasyaka. Please let me know if you can help
  13. L

    Sitting together

    Need to pick your brains again. I am looking to book seats with Aegean in the next 24 hours for August. Travelling are me, hubby, son, girlfriend and her 8 years old daughter. Hubby and I don' care where we sit as long as its inside the plane, son and girlfriend want to sit together and are...
  14. Pandora

    House or pet sitting

    Hello,Is anyone going away and do you need someone to house or pet sit (no pit bulls please!) We are trustworthy grandparents of nine! My husband is a retired building surveyor,and back in the UK always had dogs and a parrot,and a cat. We go home every school holidays; next dates we are in UK...
  15. J

    House/Pet Sitting Service needed in UK

    This is a long shot - I want to go out a visit my little place in Akbuk some time this year, but due to a change in domestic circumstances I have to arrange pet sitting. I have contacted a few "agencies" etc and have been quoted a huge amount. (I do have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 tortoises, a...
  16. F

    sitting on it

    I am just trying to get some opinions of what other forum members think about the property situation in Turkey. Do you think that to make any profit at all then we have to 'sit on it' for a five or ten year wait? I know its hardly likely that the properties are going to inflate as they did in...
  17. S

    Baby sitting

    More on our visit next month with daughter and partner, plus three littles. Does anyone know of an English speaking baby sitting service operating in Bodrum/Gumbet? The four of us adults just fancies one or two nights out without babies in tow. Sue
  18. G

    Baby sitting and pet sitting

    İ offer a baby sitting day/night service and also a pet sitting servive. İ am a 25yr old english female. Please contact me note: have removed phone number, not very safe to have your number posted in an open forum, please put in your profile. Mushtaq
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