1. A

    Dog Sitter required in Fethiye/Dalaman area

    We are looking for a reliable animal lover to look after our 2 house dogs in the Dalaman/Fethiye area. Our eldest dog is a Staffordshire crossbreed 11 years old. Our 2nd dog is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel, both dogs get on well together are affectionate and obedient. They require 2 walks a...
  2. B

    Dog Sitter

    Hi I would be interested to learn if there is a Dog Sitter local to Koycegiz who would be prepared to live in with our two spaniels should we chose to go away or be called back to UK in an emergency. Please PM me with rates. Alternatively does anyone know where the nearest local kennels are...
  3. E

    Dog Sitter Required!

    Hi All, does anyone know of a dog sitter in Alanya/Antalya area? Please PM me with any contact details. Many thanks
  4. A89

    Cat sitter in Alanya.

    Does anyone know of anyone who may be able to help me by looking after my cat in Alanya centrum from next Friday (14th Dec) until 29 December? Happy to pay someone if need be. All it needs is someone to pop in each day for 5 minutes to do the cat litter and make sure theres enough food and water...
  5. S

    Pet sitter available!

    Hello as i am looking for a nanny job i thought that i can be a pet sitter too. I have lots of experience with dogs and cats if interested please pm me for details.
  6. beyazbayan

    cat sitter needed

    Cat sitter needed for male spayed cat friendly and house trained. Dutch lady owner. Period required 2 months. Mahmutlar Alanya area.
  7. A

    Pet sitter available

    If any one is going away this xmas or new year and looking for some one to look after, keep company feed and love your animals then contact me. I will be here this year and will be alone so looking for some thing to keep me occupied im a big animal lover and very trusting as every one in fethiye...
  8. L

    Want an house sitter during winter for security on your property

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone would be interested in having an house sitter? It will help you security wise, as i hear there is a lot of crime in the winter months in Turkey. Also it would help me to have a base, so i could explore Turkey further and ensure i get the right area to live long term...
  9. Ian

    Dog Sitter Wanted

    Anyone know of a good reliable dog-sitter ?, willing to pay up to 25lira a day.
  10. K

    Cat sitter

    Hi, Does anyone know of any cat sitters in the Tuzla area? will be heading out of Turkey for a month and need someone to look after my cat. She is female of four years, she is fully vacinated, litter trained and a very quiet and lovable cat. K'la
  11. Dalaman Deli

    Dog Sitter Needed

    A couple here in Dalaman have a 5 month old cross breed puppy. They now find that they need to go back to the UK in May for 4 months and are looking for a dog sitter, if possible, to look after the dog in their own home. They will, obviously, pay for the food and lodgings. Failing that...
  12. S

    cat foster sitter needed urgently.

    :bigkiss: Cat, female 7 months old needs foster carer for 5 weeks from 15th January. Didim/Altinkum area, Turkey. She is fully house-trained i.e. litter-tray. She lives outdoors ( on the terrace ) top floor, so is used to heights. I did have some-one to look after her but unfortunately this...
  13. B

    dog sitter wanted

    This has been suggested as an alternative to somebody looking after my dog for winter. I was hoping to rent out my apartment but if this way i find a solution for my dog then so be it. I live in Bitez if anyone is interested reply or PM
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