1. M

    Sitesi Recommandation in Calis Beach, Fethiye

    I'm researching various sitesi around Calis beach in Foca Mh and Akarca Mh to purchase a detached villa. Which sitesi do you recommend for high built quality, modern, family oriented and quite (as opposed to a sitesi that most of their villas being rental holiday homes, noisy and popular for...
  2. L

    Dolphin Sitesi

    Anybody know the whereabouts of Dolphin Sitesi in Koyunbaba? i.e. exact location, etc Thanks
  3. Billy Joe

    Running a Sitesi.

    Can a in charge/run a sitesi.We are a small sitesi of 15 houses and there is a Brit by all accounts running the site,arranging work schedules for the site staff,the book keeping and even doing work on the site,a bit here a bit there and apparently with no work permit,can this be legal.
  4. J

    Seashell Sitesi - Tapu

    I signed a Purchase Agreement to buy a Duplex in the Sitesi, at a Lawer office and was notarised. We put conditions in the agreement: 1- I pay a small deposit and the remaining amount will be paid when the Tapu is ready. 2- I was given the right to live in the property till we complete within 6...
  5. C

    For sale in Bodrum - Tuzla - Turquaz Emerald Sitesi

    Advertising on behalf of my friend! I am not an estate agent ! No commission deals ! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom, balconny apartment. Fully furnished and equiped. A/C in all rooms. Free view to flamingo lake. Near the restaurant. 34 shared pools and 4 restaurants on side. 70.000 EURO
  6. J

    Tender for Site Management

    I am looking for companies that would be interested in tendering for the site management of a sitesi.T The management company must have experience of managing a sitesi of 100 properties. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know on this thread. Any company interested can PM me for...
  7. V

    Sitesi Public Liability Insurance

    Can anyone please advise as to how public liability insurance for a sitesi consisting of approx 65-70 tapus would be calculated. If you are living on a similar sized complex I would welcome some info re what the premium is on your sitesi.
  8. Mikee100

    Wifi on small sitesi

    Do excuse me if this has been covered before, I have searched but to no avail. We are on a small sitesi of 14 units, we have a standard domestic modem with a booster further into the grounds. This has never been satisfactory with some residents unable to get a good strength of signal. Our...
  9. T

    New Restaurant at Ozgur Sahil Sitesi

    Kemal, who used to work with Hassan at Zergul Kent has opened up a small restaurant on Ozgur Sahil Sitesi, which is 150yards further past the new Sunset Basko site. Follow the signs for the beach (Sahil) or call Kemal (0535 383 06 30) and he'll arrange a car to pick you up and take you home...
  10. J

    Baris Sitesi

    Hello all, My wife and I purchased a home in Baris Sitesi and I was wondering if any other owners are members on TLF?
  11. C

    Melisa Sitesi Armutalan

    Hi All, Just a word of warning please do not buy any property on the above estate located in Cami Avlu!! We have just managed to sell our property at a very high loss!!When we first bought the property the lawyer we used Dr Kader Yilderim who was recomended to us by the builder of the above...
  12. J

    Nuisance Neighbours Sitesi Laws

    If there are one set of nieghbours who live on a sitesi (of 21 houses) who are a constant nuisance is there anything that can be done about them.By beeing a nuisance i mean constantly fighting argueing and screaming till 4am in the morning and police coming out all the time.When i say constantly...
  13. Alexander

    Burglary cases in Gultan sitesi

    This is a message for those who own on Gultan Sitesi (and maybe Basko, Ozgur, etc.) During the last month I found the doors of two houses forced, one was a Turkish owner, the other a British one (the house just in front of mine). Of course, I reported both cases to KOOP people. So please be...
  14. P

    Tekun Sitesi

    Hi I wondered if anyone had any news re Tekun and either the building of the promenade or the upgrading of the drains.
  15. M

    Senkop Coop Sitesi

    Hi, I am considering buying a villa at the Senkop Sitesi in Gumusluk/Koyunbaba. Does anyone have any experience with this site? The site has about 30 villas, some of which still unfinished. It seems most of the owners are Turkish people. Any advise what I should be watching out for? Thank you...
  16. J

    Public Liability insurance for sitesi

    Can any one help me with info, is this insurance for sites compulsory and if so where is the best place to get it. We know of no sites who have it but that means little. We do have a company who rent out commercially on our site and would assume that they should have the insurance for...
  17. M

    Public Liability Insurance for a sitesi

    I hope someone can advise and help me. We don't have public liability insurance on our sitesi and have recently had a couple of accidents in the communal swimming pool- slipping over etc. Many of the apartments are holiday lets and we're not sure where we stand legally, could we, (the owners)...
  18. J

    Repossessed Property On A Sitesi

    We have a house on our sitesi that has been empty for three years prio to this the turkish owners lived in the house and never paid thier site fees for two years so in total there are five years outstanding unpaid site fees to date.We where never told about the owners not paying thier site fees...
  19. B

    Four Properties on same sitesi needed to rent to Turkish guests from 1st to 31st July

    If any one can help please 'pm me' with the Sitesi name and the nett price you want to receive (e.g. cleaning and laundry and air con charges included in the nett price), but only if you (or you and your friends) can put together 4 properties on the same site with the requested availability...
  20. Y

    Sitesi Help Please....

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody has experienced a similar scenario to this or if anyone has any valuable advice: We live on a Site that consists of 6 plots (all the same sized plots), as far as we know we are not registered officially as a sitesi, we have visited the notary who confirmed this...
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