1. the bueman

    Petition to bring Water to Tuzla/Mugla/Milas sites

    Hi Guys Anyone with a property or residing in this region willing to sign our petition to bring mains water to our sites. TTHA have met with members of the AK party in Milas and they informed us that NOW is the right time to run a petition. With an election pending this will give greater...
  2. bickern

    25 sites blocked in the UK

    Music industry group BPI obtained a High Court order earlier this month, which stipulated that UK ISPs must block their customers' access to the 25 sites, with the ban coming into force from today. As of today, the 25 sites blocked in the UK are: The Pirate Bay Kat H33t Fenopy 1337x BitSnoop...
  3. shirleyanntr

    UK media sites on line

    in view of the discussion on George Clooneys row with the DM and the comments about this rag here's a site that gives you links to all UK media local and national as well as TV news sites British Newspapers :: UK national and local newspapers online :: Latest Front Pages. and here's a good...
  4. Mushtaq

    UK ISPs told to block 21 pirate sites

    Here we go again, some of the popular streaming sits were blocked in the UK few late last week, there is a lot of activity on various forums about this and ways to get round the block. I'm sure members living in Turkey are already familiar with this, but it's something new here in UK. What's a...
  5. Lez Zetli

    Android: Download films from streaming sites to your phone or tablet

    You try to watch a film on line but it stops and starts. The solution is to download it and play it off line in your favourite media player. But the site has no free download option. Here is one example of many solutions for that. On your Android phone (and I presume tablet) install these from...

    mese construction sites

    hi everyone I would be interested to know if all the Mese Construction sites in Altinkum now have their habitation certificates and if they had to use a third party to obtain same . The reason im interested is because i have a property at Pearl Rock and we are still trying to get our...
  7. D

    web sites for renting a apartment!

    Hi all dose anyone no of any web sites for renting apartment direct from owner looking for long term rent with a family please help need a apartment to live asap!!!!
  8. Carolyn

    Best Torrent sites?

    Which are the best torrent sites to use nowadays please? I used to use utorrent and kickass but I am trying to find a particular computer programme and nearly every source I try to download from comes up with a virus warning.
  9. A

    sites to look for property in Antalya

    Hi, what are the best sites to look for property to buy in Antalya please???
  10. S

    Tv sites

    Just as a matter of intrest are there any other reliable tv sites which don't require a VPN other than Filmon Filmon s great but just testing the net book I use in Turkey it's showing as a bit shaky so was just wondering if required were there any alternatives Thanks
  11. mollag

    2nd hand/for sale sites.

    Hi guys, anyone know any good sites for 2nd hand furnishing type stuff in the Marmaris area please ?
  12. A

    Fossil Sites

    Does any forum member know of good fossil sites on the Bodrum peninsular. We live near Oren which has a major open cast coal mine but unlikely to get permission to explore.
  13. FinalCall

    Arabic news sites "unavailable"

    I wonder is the reason that Turkish Internet is blocking Arabic news sites due to the exclusive stolen documents that Al Arabia have exclusively obtained from Bashar relating to Turkish support for rebels and what to do with the downed pilots... All of which would distract from the current...
  14. pepperkat

    Sites &amenities open in March?

    Hi my eldest son is coming to Antalya in Mid March , he loves museums etc. & intends going to Cappadocia, but are there other amenities open at this time of year? . Any suggestions will be most welcome.
  15. Y

    Camping sites around Bodrum

    Hi, can anyone recommend any decent camping sites (pitched tent) in or around the Bodrum area, willing to travel up to 2-3 hours from Bodrum if the trip is worthwhile. Have googled this but not a great deal coming up. Many thanks in advance
  16. D

    details of auction sites for properties

    i saw on another thread someone say they bo─▒ught property via auctions and was wondering if anyone has details of sites my turkish wife can peruse.
  17. J

    Adoption Facebook sites

    Hello all, I've seen this forum and thought of two sites I've seen in Facebook one of them is the other one is Animal Help Varna (also in facebook) The pages are Bulgarian but a lot of foreigners adopted animal from them (including me - I got a cat from Animal...
  18. newhorizon

    Places to go, Sites to see (or not)

    Will be visiting this region soon and wondered whats new? best to see? avoid? any sitings of men in speedos yet? (warn me in advance:) Also any places serving authentic turkish food off the main stretch? I went somewhere last year, accidentally as got of the dolmus too early and ended up...
  19. Briand

    Webcam sites

    Live Webcam sites to browse. Briand. The Live Streaming Webcam Portal
  20. karios

    Film download sites

    Would any on you know of any easy to use free film downloading sites please? All we want to do is find a film we would like to watch and download it easily. :hmm::hmm: thanks David
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