1. S

    How to open site court case

    Just wondering if anyone can help with procedure for opening a court case against site mismanagement. Following an agm ,does the objector(s) go to the local court personally and register a complaint OR does this have to go through a lawyer?
  2. BjornAndMahnaz

    Looking for rekomendations for managing a 14-24 villa site

    Hi Our site is looking for offers to manage our site 'Akbuk Beach Villas', it is 24 villas that is looking for someone to manage Gardens, pools and security. The site is located just after Kerem site with the big flag by the traffic lights on the road to didim (before Migros). If you are...
  3. L

    The national lottery web site access.

    I am with Talk Talk as my internet provider,4 years now,and have never had a problem and found them better than my previous provider BT and Sky.Recently say for the last couple of months I haven't been able to log into the National lottery web site,this being the only web site I can't access,I...
  4. S

    Legal Responsibilities of Site Inspectors

    Looking for some info re above. We have 2 site inspectors- 1 Turkish and 1 European. I am aware of the role and responsibilities under Turkish Condo Law but my question surrounds whether each inspector HAS to provide a report for the agm OR whether it has to be a joint report with both...
  5. A

    Site Fees in Gumaskaya

    Hi, has anyone else had there site fees gone up recently. Ours have increased by 100 lira a month.
  6. Number6

    Useful Site....

    For the bargain hunters... All the supermarket and store weekly bargain leaflets in one place... ebro?ür - Mu?la - En Güncel bro?ür, katalog, en iyi indirimler
  7. J

    Tender for Site Management

    I am looking for companies that would be interested in tendering for the site management of a sitesi.T The management company must have experience of managing a sitesi of 100 properties. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know on this thread. Any company interested can PM me for...
  8. immac

    Useful Site

    Information for Expats & Tourists in Turkey - Ali's Advice Ian
  9. immac Shopping Site New to me, and only in Turkish, it is closest to in style. Multiple sellers with wide range of quality goods. So far I have found it to be fast and cheap for things often hard to find in Turkey. Described as: " is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of...
  10. V

    Accessing Site Management Plan

    hi - we need to access our site management plan. Can anyone please advise as to where we could access this and what is required to do so. For example we have been told that we can get this at the Title Deeds Office but we may need a solicitor to do this. Surely not? Could the site inspector not...
  11. B

    Non payment of site fees.

    How long does the process take to take an owner to court for non payment of site fees and is it correct that their property can be sold to meet their debts.Apparantly we have a few on our site who have not paid.
  12. Mushtaq

    Gunfire heard at Istanbul tourist site

    Gunfire has been heard around Turkey's iconic Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, a major tourist attraction, reports say. One witness said she heard a blast, then shooting. Two armed people are being sought in connection with the attack, and one report said they were detained at the scene...
  13. V

    Site Inspector Role

    I am one of a team of 3 site inspectors newly appointed on our complex. The developer has for years been validly established as the site manager. He also provides the pool maintenance, gardening and watchman services. Owners on site are split roughly 50/50 UK and Turkish. We know what scams can...
  14. T

    Knocked off the site

    Why when I am reading a topic do I often get logged out of this site. Otherwise the site works fine for me. Do I have to tick a box saying stay signed in or something? cheers
  15. M

    Site Management

    Can anyone recommend a site management company for a site in Golturkbuku? It is mainly apartments with long term renters with a small number of British owners who have holiday lets. Therefore an English speaking person would be preferable.
  16. E

    New member - first time on a forum site!

    Merhaba!! I am very new to this forum, and would just like to say hello. I'm a young woman hoping to relocate to Turkey. Ideally I would love to work within a childcare setting as that's where my passion really lies! Housekeeping and similar duties are also fine with me!! :) I have fallen in...
  17. Struggs

    Page not responding - TLF site only

    By process of elimination, I am only getting this problem when on TLF. all other sites I visit are fine. What I do find strange, is this started happening, after someone was trying to log into TLF under my name, don't know if in any way there is a connection. Also, everytime I log in I have to...
  18. suzyq

    Unpaid Site Fees Pt 1 and 2

    I'm not sure I have put this in the right place, if not could one of the mods please move it. A question from a reader concerning site management fees shows how tricky an unpaid site management fee problem can become. Can this problem end with you losing your property? If things go wrong and...
  19. J

    Legal Challenge/Registered Site Security Services

    Myself and a couple of other owners I know have just found out that an EGM has been held on our site, decisons made, fees decided and we were totally unaware of this EGM having been called. We were in the UK when this EGM was called and thus available to sign any registered/recorded delivery...
  20. shirleyanntr

    10 workers killed at Istanbul Construction site

    10 workers were killed ...and people who tried to protest at the poor safety conditions were met with water canon and tear gas is so depressing the way workers are treated in this country under this government who have had 12 years to improve working pay and conditions for the worst off people...
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