1. amanda b

    Demolishing Sirince?

    Did anyone see on todays news that the Belediye are demolishing buildings in Sirince due to lack of correct building permissions? I couldnt quite understand what they were doing or how many buildings were affected. I hope Ive got the wrong end of the stick, the thought of those beautiful old...
  2. zozatky


    This is the other side to this well trodden Village . All fur coat & no Kncikers Yesterday full of Turkish tourist & they also were getting the Hassel treatment no boundries there..
  3. merlin

    Selcuk - Sirince - Kusadasi Aerial Photos....

    Some excellent photos here! Merv!
  4. merlin

    Sirince Village....

    This pretty old Orthodox village, 12 km away from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi, was once called Cirkince ("ugly"). Its habitants gave this name on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of their village. Still after years, visitors understood that...
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