1. Camden

    Rise Sir Tom

    Captain Tom Moore to receive knighthood from Queen at Windsor Castle Today The ceremony will honour Captain Tom's heroic fundraising efforts, in which he raised more than £32million for the NHS during Covid-19 A credit to the Country...:25:
  2. M

    Sir Ian Holm

    Another one gone today. Aged 88. RIP Sir Ian. Maisie
  3. Mushroom

    Arise Sir Tom

    Colonel Tom, according to my journalist daughter is going to be knighted. Her newspaper revealed 40 mins ago and she is following the piece. For my part, I was about to go to bed when she hit the keyboard !! And of course- he's from Yorkshire.
  4. yalimart

    Sir black Face

    On 19 August 2017, during an interval question and answer session on day 3 of the England v West Indies Test at Edgbaston, Boycott stated he was more likely to get a knighthood if he "blacked his face". So a racist woman beater gets a knighthood, I wonder what he blackened his face with...
  5. 3

    Please Sir

    Who is doing the vetting.........the blind.
  6. Mojive

    Sir Ken Dodd dies aged 90

    Maybe not everyones cup of tea, but very sad to see him go all the same R.I.P Sir Ken Dodd: Comedy legend dies, aged 90 - BBC News
  7. Mojive

    Sir Roger Moore has passed away

    RIP Mo xx
  8. mollag

    Sir Mollag?

    Lord Mollag? As a true socialist i will be drafting a missive to refuse the title already granted to me, not unlike the sainted Tony Benn, but in the meantime . y'all may address me as "M'lord Mollag of Doolish" :25:Congratulations - you've been knighted! - 3FM Isle of Man
  9. Devil's_Advocate

    Arise, Sir Mo!

    Mo Farah has been knighted in the New Year's Honours list. He has been justifiably recognised for the supreme athlete he is. Able to run competitively at distances from 1500M to a marathon, he is in my opinion, not only the greatest British athlete of all time, he is probably one the greatest...
  10. bickern

    Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95

    Veteran broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95. RIP Sir Jim.
  11. B

    Sir Cliff Richard.

    Sir Cliff Richard sex abuse inquiry: No charges for singer - BBC News It looks as though South Yorkshire police are in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Bill.
  12. B

    Happy Birthday Sir David.

    Sir David Attenborough: Tributes paid as he turns 90 - BBC News Have a very happy birthday, Sir David, you have made some great and enjoyable television shows over many decades. Bill.
  13. yalimart

    Haircut Sir ?

    So who had which ? Martin
  14. Firefox

    Sir Elton Vs D&G

    I was away from this in a normal world but could not stop laughing. It’s a Classic case of Pot Calling the Kettle BLACK!! Sir Elton John calls for D&G boycott after designers called IVF children 'synthetic' | Metro News
  15. Yalides

    Sir Nicholas Winton
  16. kemerkid

    Can I do you now sir?

    Can you remember this, can you remember that? How far back do you people want to go? Judging by recent reminiscences........ not very far. I wonder how many of you can remember the days when you only had the radio for entertainment, Radio Luxemburg or even further, BBC Light program with the...
  17. SLEEPY

    Anything for the weekend sir?

    Its been quite some time since I did a little tour of the those wicked public houses in Yali. So tonight I think I may have a lick of warm water (thanks again KK) put on my drinking gear and head in to see whats going on. That will be the sum of my week end excitement can any one top that?
  18. T

    Something for the weekend sir

    It occurs every 823 years so you may not ever see it again August this year has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays 5 Sundays The Chinese call it "Silver pockets Full" Summer days and 5 August weekends!!
  19. Sunny Seasider

    Sir Tom Finney has died

    Very sad news, there will never be another as Tom Finney, R.I.P Sir Tom. Sir Tom Finney: Football Legend Dies Aged 91
  20. hijo

    R.I.P. Sir David Frost...

    ... Sad news this morning: the veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost has died. His family confirmed the 74-year-old died of a heart attack aboard the cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth, where he was giving a speech.
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