1. A89

    under sink water heater

    Does anyone know anything about under sink water heaters. The one in my chalet only makes the water hot if the tap is only running very slowly. As soon as the water comes out slightly quicker it goes cold. I leave it running very slowly into the washing up bowl and it gradually slows even more...
  2. the bueman

    Japanese Sink Hole fixed in 2 days

    Thought this was incredible......fixed in 2 days.....had it been UK or anywhere else they would have been looking into for the next year.....same goes for the clean up on the tsunami. Incredible Japanese workers fix giant sinkhole in two days
  3. Spike

    S/S Sink for sale

    In Dalaman, Stainless steel sink and tap with all fittings for sale 50 TL. Beat-up wooden counter-top with suitable cut-out available for free with sink if wanted. Otherwise helps to heat my house this winter. Buyer collects, or can drop off in Dalaman.
  4. newhorizon

    WARNING! - FaceBook Shares Hype? -Float or Sink?

    U.K. investors have also been given the opportunity to buy Facebook shares at £19 each (min 100-600 shares) it seems.. Did anyone else get this survey either from Facebook's IPO or through private markets? What do you think? over-priced hyped? or will they fall by end of 2012? I'm just...
  5. S

    everything but the kitchen sink 2

    hi everyone, hope you are all ok and enjoying the lovely weather we are having, i am trying to find a gentleman that posted a reply to my thread a few weeks ago, he said that he wanted to look at what i have for sale with a view to buying it all, if you are reading this kind sir and you are...
  6. S

    reply to everything but the kitchen sink

    :3::3:good day, just to tell everyone that replied to my post about" everything but the kitchen sink" i have sent replies to you all, but because i am new to this i don't know if you have received them, if you have time could you please let me know if you have received my reply, i dont want you...
  7. S

    everything but the kitchen sink for sale

    hi, i live in marmaris and i have loads of things for sale, clothes, curtains ornaments, dvds,play station games, computer games, video recorder, tvcombi dvd, dvd player ,shoes, handbags, books, christmas decorations, christmas tree, costume jewellery,a panasonic tv stand, basically everything...
  8. B

    how..much to take the Kitchen Sink

    hi has enybody taking enything unusial on the plane to turkey.:)i no you are allowed 20kls each but when we were in altinkum we wre talking to a man called ray and he was on about his nieghbour who had taking a kitchen sink over [:0] now this is no joke . as he said the flaming thing was still...
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