Mile high for singles!

    Well I know when I am heading home I can get quite excited but you got to love this one...:hehe:'Exposure' claim DJ apologises - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
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    singles clubs

    think i might have found the right thread now ,I'm moving to gunlukbasi in 2/3 weeks alone ,i have had house here for 5 years now ,i know a few people in the bars /rest in the calis area but they are all couples and i do feel a bit awkward going out with them sometimes,are there any Singles...
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    Singles clubs

    Hi i'm new on this forum i must say it is one of the hardest to navigate round that i have been on but here goes again I'm moving to gunlukbasi shortly i know a few people in the calis bars but they are mainly couples ,a singles club would be nice for men and women are there any around thanks.:3:
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    Singles Holidays In Turkey

    As a single person I am tired of having to pay the single suppliment charged by travel agents if I wish to go alone to Turkey. :27: I usually just get a flight and then have the hassle of finding a pansiyon or cheap hotel which is not easy and precarious for a woman alone. What about a...
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