Call me simple

    When ever I am at home why do some folk want to torture me with there craft beer or their trendy little Spanish mouthwash. Leave me alone..... I am happy with my Guinness and Efes, regardless of price
  2. S

    My Simple Diet

    Just thought I would give a run down on my diet so far if for nothing else to highlight 1 if I can do it anyone can and 2 there's no need for expensive diet drugs, fancy foods, gym memberships etc. I should be 10 stone 10 pounds My weight before my recent hols was 13 stone Came back from...
  3. J

    Simple Estate Planning

    Was chatting to another member today about wills etc and the issues foreigners have when their partner dies - and how this is exacerbated in Turkey when they aren't married - they suggested I post what we have done as it may provoke thought for others. We've had a few simple measures in place...
  4. newhorizon

    Paxman Classic- A simple yes or No would do!

    A New Paxman Classic - YouTube Did you threaten to over rule him? lol With respect did you threaten to over rule him? ....... Why do they evade the question!!
  5. djmagic

    simple question

    i think this question has not been asked so here goes. residency application form, should it be completed in turkish or english?? also is church of england recignised as a religon here?? thanks
  6. Yalides

    Simple Things We Can Do To Stop Global Warming

    Global warming, real threat or scaremongering ?
  7. I

    Ultra simple cake recipe needed

    I need a fairy cake recipe for my elderly mum who has been losing too much weight because she has ulcerative colitis and therefore malabsorption. The doctor told her she needs to increase her calories but she cannot tolerate many types of foods with roughage ie no nuts, brown bread, anything...
  8. Abd Allah

    Simple question

    first i do not want to make some one get angry from me , i want to ask a simple question. What about the secular in Turkey ? what is the secular? is the secular began war against islam in Turkey ? Are the seculars hate islam ?? or what ?
  9. M

    simple cooking tips

    put sugar in the saucepan first before adding cold milk when making custard...the pan will not burn as near as quick..simple but true. add a wee bit of cream to mashed carrots and parsnips.lovely. when making poached egg.make sure to stir the simmering water to give it a turnhole effect just...
  10. K

    B&B or Simple Hotel with pool

    Looking to go to Yalikavak for 2 weeks from 17th September but not wanting to go all inclusive. Looked at apartments to rent which are quite pricey as there are only 2 of us, so can anyone suggest any simple B&B or hotel but must have a pool. Found the Miray Hotel but the internet link appears...
  11. mrkeith

    simple the best

    BBC News - Best Party wins polls in Iceland's Reykjavik This is the country that loocal authorities invested your council tax in
  12. R

    Honest Simple Advice from Turkish Agent

    Hi, I thought I would share this information for anyone looking to buy out in Turkey because when we bought we didn't know who to trust etc. We were in Bodrum earlier this month to sort out the damp in our villa, during our stay we met a really lovely lady who also sells properties in Bodrum...
  13. shirleyanntr

    simple test to save your sight

    Macular degeneration that comes with age and causes blindness can be detected with a simple test at home using the Amsler Grid you can find this on a lot of sites and print it. basically its a grid of little squares with a dot in the should test yourself every week..stick the grid...
  14. jcrian

    Simple dating rules

    This maybe of some help for members with teenage daughters............ Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter :27: Rule One: If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up. Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in...
  15. D

    Some simple information that could help me and others

    This forum has many members who, like myself are considering buying a property in Turkey. I feel it would be helpful, if a thread could be set up for those members with property in Turkey to provide some simple details about the area their property is located. The agent or builder they used...
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