1. G

    Similar to Kas

    Hello Would anyone have any suggestions as to where we could try some where different. We have been to Kas. Kalkan. Oludeniz. Calis. Ichmeller. Mamaris. Horse for courses obviously however love kas Kalkan and Oludeniz in that order. We have already booked to go to Kas and Oludeniz in June and...
  2. B

    prosseco or similar

    Hi everyone can anyone advise if you can buy prosseco or something similar in bars/restaurant or supermarkets ☺ Thanks
  3. T

    Home depot or similar in mugla

    I'm looking for a home depot, bauhaus or similar in Mugla. Are there any? Ideally close to Dalaman or Dalyan
  4. B

    Betanet or similar.

    We are coming out to our house in Dalyan next month and, as we will have family with us, have decided that our trusty Vinn will not quite do the business if mother-in-law wants to keep up to date with Neighbours! I understand from someone who owns a flat west of Bodram that he uses Betanet and...
  5. B

    Public Prosecutor or similar

    Hello all, the prig who owes me a substantial amount of money :45:, despite having lost the 'civil' court case in Didim's Courts locally, has decided to appeal and we are now locked in battle in the Appeal Courts in Ankara. I have sent a lovely lenghty email to the tax man about this odious...
  6. D

    Needing Help - Roller Shutters or Similar

    Hi there all, I need a bit of help if possible. As my Turkish is non-existent and my local knowledge is just as poor too. I am coming to Turkbuku to my Empty Villa at the beginning of next week (the 20th). The place has four glass doors & four windows that need to be secured at times when I...
  7. C

    George Foreman Grill Or Similar

    Hi All Can anyone give me an idea as to what we would be looking to pay for a gearge foreman or similar grill /hotplate out in turkey and if they are easy enought to get we have a hob and a microwave but no grill and i think this would be very useful any help would be great cheeky chops
  8. H

    Ikea or similar store near Manavgat - Side ?

    Hi, Does anyone know of an Ikea or similar store near Manavgat, Side area ? Any replies would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Mushtaq

    New forum features - Similar Threads

    Has anyone noticed the new feature (Similar Threads) at the bottom of the page when you read the posts? This shows you other posts that are similar to what you are reading, saves having to search. :confused:
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