1. S

    Turkcell Sim

    A quicky. Does a Turkcell sim bought without an RP expire completely after 90 days or do you have a further 90 of receiving calls only?
  2. S

    Best Monthly Sim Card Turkey

    Due to go out to Turkey soon and pondering re what to do as regards a sim card. I usually use my Vodafone UK data and minutes whilst in Turkey but I am out of contract here in the UK. So was just wonndering whether I should take out a Vodafone UK contract before I leave ( as I can then use the...
  3. A89

    how do Denizbank know I have a new Sim Card?

    I just trıed to log on to my internet banking. Got a message saying my account was blocked because I had a new Sim Card! How the hell do they get that information? I called the call centre and he said its normal we will know if you changed your number. I havent changed my number. He said well...
  4. G

    best PAYG sim card?

    Hi as I visit Turkey about 5 times a year, which is the best value pay as you go sim card, I am currently with Turkcel, but it eats my credit in no time!
  5. mollag

    vodaphone sim

    I am on a Turkish cep. vodaphone sim, new this week. When I check my balance i find it isnt reducing despite my texting and phoning, am I doing summit wrong ? I use the star 123 hash===send facility.
  6. mollag

    Sim cost ?

    Im thinking of getting a Turkish sim card, our first port of call is Koycegiz, any thoughts on cost and where to buy? Fethiye will be our second port. :noidea:
  7. D

    Does a Turkcell SIM card get deactivated?

    I've been using a work phone for the last few years, but have to give it back as I've been made redundant. I've got a SIM card which is registered but I haven't used it for a long time. I've put it in a phone and the phone says "emergency calls only". Does anyone know if there's a way of...
  8. S

    data sim card

    Hello all, Please can anyone tell us the cheapest place to buy a data sim card, Avea or Turkcel. thank you.
  9. A

    UK phone Turkish sim

    Hello. If I take out a contract in UK for mobile can I use a Turkish sim in the phone when in Turkey?
  10. hayabusa

    Internet WiFi Sim Card.

    I need to get a new Sim Card for my Internet at my Villa in Koycegiz. Are they Sim Cards available that are on a monthly or yearly contract, and the payment can be made by direct debit from the bank ?....... Please advise.
  11. gally

    UK phone with Turkcell sim

    Help - UK phone with Turkcell sim? Hello, any help appreciated. I've just read an article saying that since October 2015 you can now use a UK mobile with a turkish sim card for up to 120 days without having to register it? Can anybody confirm if this is true please? I've been under the...
  12. S

    Swopping data sim in Turkcell Vinn

    Hiya, does anyone know if a different data sim can be used in the Turkcell vinn? For example can I put a UK data sim into it and use it like I would in Turkey? Thought I'd ask first in case anyone has tried it rather than buy one here in the UK only to find out it doesn't work :) Thanks Sara
  13. paddington bear

    Swopping sim cards

    I have 2 mobile phones both bought in Turkey. One is a Samsung Galaxy 4 and the other a Samsung Neo. Is it possible to swop the sim cards from one phone to another please? I don't want to do this in case I knacker the phones up. I am pretty useless when it comes to phones. Sue
  14. H

    Dual sim phones - UK and Turkish sim card

    Has anybody tried using a dual sim phone in Turkey with a UK and Turkish sim card?
  15. N

    Turkcell 3G data only sim Questions.

    I hav just purchased a turkcell data only 3 g sim with 10 gb of data . It seems to be a prepaid card for which I paid in lira . I have been reading up on how to keep the sim active with the possibility of online top up when I'm back in the uk. What I have read confuses me slightly and suggests...
  16. N

    No Vodafone sim for holidaymakers in Turkey

    I stopped off on my way to the my villa for the first time this year to buy a new Vodafone data SIM card as mine had expired. They said its new policy and they can only issue to those who have a Turkish I'd card. I tried two shops who both said the same. Is this a new policy I got one last year...
  17. H


    I will be in Bodrum again soon, for 3 weeks and wanted to know, what is the cost of a SIM card for internet use mainly and the best place to get one? I have Vodafone dongle somewhere at home in Turkey, but have lost the PIN for it and wondered, what is the cost of a new one or the best way to...
  18. M

    uk phone-turkish sim

    I was under the impression that you could use your uk phone with a turkish sim card for up to six months before you get disconnected.but, recently i have read on this forum that it is 30 days and only just now has been extended to 60 days. also i want to know if i bring the uk phone into turkey...
  19. hayabusa

    Check Blance credit on Turkcell SIM card.

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can check balance credit remaining on my Turkcell SIM card on my Phone ?....... Man in Turkcell shop did tell me, but I am not in Turkey currently and just want to check.
  20. W

    Turkish SIM Card in UK Mobile Phone

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before, but I have an unblocked UK mobile phone and I would like to buy a Turkish pay as you go SIM to use in this phone without having to fully register it etc with Turkcell. Does anyone know if this phone could be used for 2 weeks whilst on holiday...
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