1. H

    Silk or faux flowers

    Does anyone know where I can get silk or faux flowers for wedding Decs either dalyan or ortaca area x
  2. S

    best matt or silk paint

    Hi coming over to paint indoor wallls of apartment want advice on best white paint to buy either locally or in Bodrum needs to be wiperble and not runny any help would be great cheers Shaun
  3. kaplumba

    Silk making in Hizarsah

    This link turned up on my Face Book page today. It is a site I always enjoy reading - or trying to read lol. There are about 2 pages of photos so if you are interested make sure you click on the bottom of the page to take you to the next one. This venture is in an old school building in the...
  4. T

    Wanted silk sleeping bag liner

    Wanted a single silk travel sleeping bag liner, (Sleep Sheet)anyone have one? If so let me know please.
  5. CJD

    Silk Weaving

    Somewhere else for you to visit jane:biggrin: School in ruins becomes a silk production center in Datça - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  6. kaplumba

    Silk production in Eski Datca

    I found this article in sunexpress news. I've never been aware of this in Eski Datca - has anyone else heard of it? Sericulture Regenerates in Datça 29.06.2007 17:17 Datça, pronounced Datcha, is the name of the 80 km long peninsula National Reserve between Aegean and the Mediterranean...
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