1. mollag

    Silent Assassins - Electric Scooters

    Yes, the silent assassins, often called electric scooters, have been jumped on in a Police operation in Marmaris, Redders has a Turkish news video up on his facebook site [may God preserve him] Paper checks carried out, those without proper paperwork [all of em] have the vehicle confiscated...
  2. suzyq

    Constitutional Court head says will not remain silent after resignation

    Interesting times ahead. Turkish Constitutional Court President Haşim Kılıç said on Tuesday that he has been used as a scapegoat and performs his job under pressure, adding that he will not remain silent once he resigns on March 13, according to remarks published in the Cumhuriyet daily on...
  3. J

    silent weekend

    BBC Sport - 'Silent Weekend' initiative aims to improve adult behaviour I was a youth RL coach for many years and agree 100 percent with this - I remember playing as a youth rugby player in the late 60s early 70s and I only remember encouragement from the opposition touchline, and pitches...
  4. A

    Silent Balcony-

    Hello everyone, I will be visiting Istabul in about a week hopefully, can't wait to see the beautiful city. I decided to take a long holiday for once, so my stay is going to be about 10 days, so anyway cz its holiday season hotel prices are rediculously high. And, I wanted a change from all...
  5. D

    Can i be a silent partner?

    My Turkish wife is looking around for a partner for our business to comply with Turkish requirements and i am wondering if i can be nominated as a 'silent' partner? it would be a nominal 1pc holding.--my status is as RP holder.
  6. ceemac

    Pope Remains Silent as Abuse Allegations Hit Close to Home

    From Der Spiegel in Germany; Allegations of sexual abuse in the German Catholic Church continue to surface. Questions have been raised about what Pope Benedict XVI may have known about specific incidents of abuse and his brother, Georg Ratzinger, is also under fire. The pope, however, has so...
  7. Andy

    Silent Nuisance calls

    You know when your phone rings and you pick up only to get the silent treatment. Well here is a site you can Register your number with and stop those silent calls, i'm told it works, so good luck i hope it works for you to. SilentCall-Gard
  8. J

    Skype silent on eBay takeover rumour

    VoIP pioneer Skype was refusing to comment on Thursday on claims that it is in talks with eBay over a possible takeover. (Graeme Wearden - ZDNet UK) According to a report in the Wall Street Journal , the Internet auction site is considering paying up to $3bn (£2bn) for Skype, although talks...
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