1. CKPR

    2016 TRaffic Sigorta

    Does anyone have the prices for Car Tax for 2016
  2. S

    Where is office for Anadolu Sigorta in Marmaris?

    Could someone please confirm where the office for Anadolu Sigorta is,and simple directions thanks (Marmaris)
  3. C

    Axa Sigorta House Insurance from UK

    I am thinking of stopping my house insurance with Intasure as the premiums seem to be getting unreasonable and when you look at the small print there are too many conditions (flat roofs etc). Renewal of £430 plus £95 DASK. for a 4-bed detached property on a sitesi. Axa Sigorta appear to have a...
  4. Y

    Update to paying monthly Sağlık Sigorta premiums?

    I've been to the SGK office and learned my premium rate ...bit of a wait there, but not too bad. Then was told to go on to Ziraat Bank to pay the premiums, backdated to 1st Jan. Never been into Ziraat Bank before - huge room filled with seats for waiting customers (all full) and just one...
  5. teresa

    Traffic Sigorta

    I went to renew my insurance this year and we get the fully comp Kasco insurance and also we have to buy the compulsory third party traffic insurance. Last year my TS was 100tl and this year it is 190tl. I asked about the big jump and was told it had been increased quite a bit this year for...
  6. culturevulture

    Enver Yucel. Axa Sigorta

    Please does anyone have an email address for Enver Yucel of Axa Sigorta in Didim. My Dask and house insurance are due for renewal. Enver Yucel did my Dask last year. My apartment and contents are also due for renewal, and are with Groupama. This was done through through my emlak. To be honest I...
  7. E

    any one help me by telling me the number or address of sigorta office in bodrum pleas

    hi all i,m wondering is can any one help me..........i,m looking the form telephone number or address even web address is fine of the sigorta office in bodrum .thanks in advance guys :becky:
  8. M

    Sigorta Yapi Kredi medical insurance rip-off

    Hi Haven't been on here for a very long time but today I am so upset and angry I feel I must make this public knowledge. If any of you have used Ali Ekber Yurtsever the agent for Yapi Kredi medical insurance PLEASE check to make sure you are covered!! We have used him for the past 3 years...
  9. S

    ankara sigorta

    Hi, does anyone know how an e,mail address for Ankara Sigorta the insurance office on the Ege road in Altinkum as we renewed our insurance 2 weeks ago and tried to pay by my credit card but the girl in there said she could not make it work so we went to the bank and withdrew cash and paid it...
  10. carolk

    Ankara Sigorta, Rubbish!!!!

    Hi everyone I am insured with the above insurance co, full medical, earthquake and house. I was told my Dr was Bulent at Bey Clinic in Dolphine Sq. When I was ill in Jan and called out Dr Bulent for an Asthma attack he told me I would still have to pay him and claim it back from Ankara...
  11. no-nem

    Yapi Kredi sigorta

    A little bit of info for those who are thinking of health cover. Myself & my wife have Yapi Kredi health cover, but I read sometime ago a post on here from someone saying that they do not accept you after 59 yrs. old. Obviously perplexed at this info, I contacted my local rep. These are the...
  12. P


    sigorta, what does the word mean please
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