1. bickern

    Spain to sign Gibraltar deal with UK

    It is understood the UK, Spanish and Gibraltan governments have tied up a tax agreement for the disputed British overseas territory which will end attempts by Spain to take control of the Rock. The agreement will apply even in a no-deal Brexit. It comes amid further claims from leading...
  2. Camden

    A sign of our times ?

    A sign of our times that a soldier is left to die on our streets' Veterans blast support for ex-forces as a former British squaddie is found dead while sleeping rough in Edinburgh The death of a homeless veteran has been branded a ‘disgrace’ after it emerged that he died after being found on...
  3. Leo

    You might want to sign this

    Just leaving this here, with no pressure. If you share a love of Turkey, you might want to join me in supporting the campaign against racist reporting
  4. suzyq

    Help can't sign into my Microsoft account

    When I turned on my computer this morning and tapped on the bar to sign into my Microsoft account instead of being able to log in all I saw was a message saying it was closing down. It's been like that for the last 20 minutes. Can anyone advise me what to do please to rectify the situation as...
  5. flowerpotman

    Please Sign and take a moment to think
  6. A89

    Please sign this petition!!

    Please sign this petition! Alison
  7. C

    Hash or Number sign

    Is there an easy way to reproduce a hash or number sign on a British qwerty keyboard which has a £ sign over the number 3 when for example typing in this box?
  8. A

    Is there a time limit to sign the tapu?

    Our tapu is ready for our property. We do not want a POA to sign for us but cannot get out to Alanya for another three months. Is this ok? Or is there a time limit once you get military clearance to sign the document.
  9. A89

    MSN sign in problem

    Just got back from Uk and tried to sign into windows live messenger and getting a message saying 'a newer version is available.You must install it in order to continue'' When I try to install it it then gives a message saying a newer version is already installed and still wont sign in. Has...
  10. T

    Sign Off Lines

    Some members have sign off lines at the bottom of their posts. Sometimes my mind plays tricks with these when I am reading them. Then I can't get rid of the bloody misreadings. * Penfold: no stranger to Dangermouse. * One swallow doesn't make a night out. * Comment is precious; facts can be...
  11. scotssteve

    Do not sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Morning all time for a rant reminder! Please, please, please, do not sign anything which you do not understand There are still crooks out there (doubtless you "best friend" at the time) who will encourage you to sign a "receipt" for anything under the sun. Many of these receipts will later...
  12. skydog

    Justice? Please Sign this petition

    Petition Justice for Craig, Claire and Neil (HMP Frankland)
  13. millilove76

    Nationwide Sign In

    Just wondered if anyone else has had or is having problems signing in to Nationwide Internet banking. Last night i had a page not found problem. This morning its telling me to sign out as me session has expired, i've done this and cant sign in (as its saying i need to sign out).
  14. scotssteve

    Sign the petition

    Question for the mods/Mushtaq? There can be no single issue bigger than dodgy property deals -and people ripped of in Turkey. I dread to think how much space it takes up rightly (on this forum). My question is simple - we have a petition running on this forum with less than eight hundred...
  15. juco

    Would you sign this petition?

    Could this be a way forward to highlight the corruption that many have suffered from in Turkey? If a petition can be raised with 100,000 signatures then it is guaranteed a debate in the house of commons. Some of the most popular so far are :- It would obviously require somebody to manage it...
  16. J

    sign maker recommendation

    Hi iam wanting to have a sign made up to put on the side of our villa.. can any one recomend a place that makes signs cheers
  17. luckycat68

    No sign for Yalikavak

    Well we were having a little drive around yesterday afternoon , through Yaliciflik ( or Yali as it is now known ) and along the coast to Mumcular ect. popped into Guverncilik market and then made our way back to Yalikavak along the main road We got to the new fly over ( very nice it is ) but...
  18. mrkeith

    L'pool sign Hodgson

    It would seem that Liverpool have captured probably the best English manager in the game at the moment. The question remains whether he can bring some dicipline to the side on the pitch as he has with Fulham: BBC Sport - Football - Roy Hodgson leaves Fulham to become Liverpool manager
  19. peter the postie

    Citeh sign Silva

    BBC Sport - Football - Manchester City agree deal for David Silva
  20. S

    a REAL sign of madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The other evening, whilst possibly a little tired, I noticed a post that annoyed me. I started typing a terse response and luckily before pressing the post button-I noticed the offending post was mine! Yip I have lost the plot!
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