1. L

    Sights to see around Antalya?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for historical places to visit near Antalya please? We are thinking of flying into Antalya instead of Bodrum and sightseeing for a few days before driving to our place in Bodrum,also how far away from Antalya airport is Side? We are wondering whether to get...
  2. B

    istanbul sights

    stopping off in istanbul for three days late april on way down to our place in bodrum, we have never been to istanbul so are looking for ideas for places to see and things to do thanks
  3. ceemac

    'Bible' Gun Sights

    I would have used a term much stronger than 'inappropriate' for this amazing practice. 'Coded Bible references on gun sights used by a number of armies, including the US, have been called "inappropriate". New Zealand said on Thursday that its military would remove the citations from the...
  4. H

    Istanbul sights from a movie

    Istanbul videos from the movie : Organize Isler
  5. lorraine

    Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.

    I have asked this question of the Bodrum members too. So what do you all do and see when not in the sea or pool or just sitting back soaking in the sun rays. Surely there is more to Alanya than buying property and slowcooker..:lol:
  6. lorraine

    Things to do and sights to see around Bodrum

    What is there to do in Bodrum other than dipping in the pool or sea and soaking in the sun? What places are of interest cultural, etc.. I am sure that the views are spectacular, but what do you all do when the touring the area, what do you see?
  7. Mushtaq

    Best tour to see sights of Turkey

    After reading about all the various places around Turkey, I would like to do a tour and see some of these for myself. What is the best way to do this? What would be a good itinerary? Would anyone be interested in doing this in a small group?
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