1. mollag

    Yalides sighting?

    I have been away on the Emerald Isle for a little while and have heard a rumour of a Yalides appearance on the forum, does anyone know who and how the Atilla clone offended this time ?
  2. N

    Strange sighting.

    This afternoon both Don and I saw approximately 30 objects in the sky above our home. I initially thought someone was blowing bubbles but these globes were too high and were on a straight path unlike bubbles that move up and down on the wind. They were moving steadily and quite quickly in unison...
  3. mollag

    Domuz sighting

    Travelling to Gum on friday evening, 7 o'clock, just passed the Limon Cafe when a brute of a wild pig legged it across the road, our first domuz sighting in Gum after 6 years ! :3: [ hang on a mo, where were you fri evening Des?] :hehe:
  4. teosgirl

    UFO sighting documentary Nat Geo

    I've just turned to national geographic channel and there are two 1 hour back to back UFO related programs. I thought some members may be interested in watching. Charlotte
  5. val2661


    I saw my first pair of speedos being worn by a rather large European man today. Walking along the main road from the beach. He didn't have a 6 pack on display, more a Party 7!!!! Can this early sighting mean that Summer is on it's way? Please tell me if anyone else has spotted any earlier...
  6. Lindacm

    Seal Sighting

    Went for a walk along Dalaman beach this morning and saw a large seal swimming in the sea. It was about 50-60mtrs from the beach and straight in front of us. We watched it for about 5mins before it swam off Has anyone else seen seals in this area before? Linda
  7. R

    1st Stork Sighting in Dalyan this year?

    Yesterday while out walking our dog in the outskirts of Dalyan we spotted the first stork of the year standing in a nearby marshy field. Today again we walked the same place and spotted it in the sky gliding around looking for food. How nice it was - spring is here and all the creatures are...
  8. Mushroom

    UFO sighting ??

    Heard this one on the news this afternoon and apparently its had a mention in some newspapers, personally I think it's got to be a wind up. Apparently if the tale is to believed a Police helicopter about to land somewhere in Cardiff encountered a 'saucer' shaped object hovering at low altitude...
  9. T

    UFO sighting in turkey. again by pilots

    AFTER MY RECENT VIEWING AND RECORDING OF STRANGE OBJECTS IN THE SKY OVER KUSADASI IN JULY.AND HANDING OVER THE RELEVANT TAPE TO THE AUTHORITYS.... Greek and Turkish air force pilots, sharing contested Aegean airspace, are used to seeing a fighter or two of their usually friendly adversary...
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