1. A

    Quick Facts About Side - pronounced See-Day -

    Why Side and not Antalya - Don't stay in Antalya - it's a busy, noisy city with much traffic and a horrible sharp shingle beach, no sand; in fact, the last time I swam at Antalya's Konyaalti Beach, both my feet were bleeding badly from that sharp shingle. Side, a 50-minute drive from Antalya...
  2. T

    2020 not a good year. 2021 in Side will be better.

    Merry Christmas to all on the Side forum. Lets hope and pray that 2021 will be better and holiday makers will be back in Side in 2021 in their droves. If god is willing My wife and I will be back in Side late September and looking forward to meeting up with our Turkish friends. A special...
  3. T

    Side 2020 not a very good year.

    Well its the end of the summer and I expect Side has not had a good time due to Covid-19. you can imagine how miffed I was when I got the notification on 2nd October from Jet2 just 4 hours before I flew out to my best and most dear place to have a holiday - Side, that they had cancelled my...
  4. T

    Love SIDE

    We are coming to Side in October for a week because we love SIDE. Hope the coronavirus has not impacted to greatly on this holiday resort but next year it will be back to normal. See you soon SIDE.:9:
  5. S

    Where is Angela Side

    Haven't seen any posts from Angela in Side. Anyone know why. She always had interesting information. Hope she's ok.
  6. Freedom 49

    Son et Lumiere over Side.

    WOW! My first experience of Son et Lumiere was in the South of France in Cannes back in 1967. I was staying and working there for the 7 week summer break before going back to college. I was totally blown away as friends and I watched and listened to the commentary as we sat on La Croissette...
  7. D

    solicitors in side

    hi everyone looking to buy, does any one know any good solicitors in side, manavgat, english speaking.please
  8. Freedom 49

    Business closures in Side.

    From as midnight of last night, all restaurants in and around Side have had to close due to the spreading Coronavirus. 47 people in Turkey now shown positive to the test. My heart goes out to all owners of restaurants, bars, Turkish tea houses, discos, dancehalls etc that have to serve this...
  9. Ian2006

    2 Bed - 2 Bath in Side

    Any members selling a reasonably priced furnished 2 bed - 2 Bath in excellent condition in Side? Not interested in out of town areas. Must be on a well managed "holiday" complex. Please send me a pm
  10. paddington bear

    Boarding Kennels around Side area?

    Does anybody please know if there are any good dog boarding kennels in the Side area.
  11. Ian2006

    Lemon Grove - Side

    Hi - does anyone know if the security at Lemon Grove operates all year round or is it just in the season? Thank you.
  12. S

    Wifi Side

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of the Government office in Manvagat by the main University? If so can you give me directions. Having had an apartment in Side for many years, we have always used a mobile wifi unit, pay as you go type of thing. This has been cut off and we've...
  13. A

    FREE show tonight only at the amphitheatre in Old Town Side

    Just a reminder that tonight is the last night of the Side Festival with the free shows at the amphitheatre. Here is today's programme ... Their Gala Performance is as follows ... Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 21:30 - Venue - Ancient Theatre Show - Antalya Devlet Opera and Ballet 'Gala...
  14. T

    Is Side losing it's charm?

    Have been on holiday in Side since 1990 and the big businesses are taking over (affordable places to stay). This year we stayed at Sun City hotel/apartments and was not impressed. It appears that except for a very few places the charm is disappearing fast as money is more important than Turkish...
  15. C

    Physiotherapist in Side or Manavgat area?

    Does anybody know an English speaking physio for sports injury in Side / Manavgat? Thanks as always! :)
  16. Leo

    Side Music festival

    Does anyone have the schedule for the Side festival season for 2019 Thanks in advance
  17. A

    Children's Books for Sale at 5 TL each in SIDE

    I have found a few kiddies books here in England which I will be taking with me to Side when I fly there on 28th February and I'll be in Side until 26th May. These are the books for sale at 5 TL each ... (1) 5 x Little Miss small paperback books, 5" x 5" - each at 5 TL - (a) Little Miss...
  18. Freedom 49

    Side's Hurricane Winds.

    If it's not well secured, it's off down the road or flying off the balconies! All along our side of Side Blv we have beautiful well established Bay Trees. Unfortunately when the winds are really harsh, these trees are blown so hard that they lean over, and, slowly slowly, they are pulling the...
  19. T

    Side how you have changed

    Visited Side this September and was amazed at what has been achieved since May 2017. The walkway improvements together with the glass flooring in the old town is great but some of the magic has gone from the old town. I know that places and people will change over time but Side is becoming much...
  20. A

    £40,000 for a 2-bed 2-balcony Side apt with furniture

    As I have moved to Mirage Residence and only because we wanted 2 bathrooms, my Green Apart place is for sale. According to the Tapu, it must be cash only, no money from the bank or elsewhere is permitted. Maintenance is 100 TL per month to cover the cost of the full-time gardener and the...
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