1. L

    Security Shutters

    Hi I haven’t posted on here for a long time, have just rejoined. Can anyone help in recommending a company in Dalaman that do either the pull down security shutters or bars for the windows and doors please. Would be very much appreciated. Thx
  2. A

    Concertina shutters

    hello we are in the akbuk/Dixie area and wanted to see if anyone knows where we can but the concertina shutters for inside our windows please? Thanks
  3. yalimart

    Roller shutters

    I am thinking of having some roller shutters fitted onto some of our windows, not for security but really for when we shut the house down for winter for a bit of extra weather protection, anyone got them ? are they any good and more to the the point will a working class champagne drinker like me...
  4. OWENA

    Excellent Renovations

    I have just had my apartment interiors at Arinna Sitesi in Gundogan completely repaired by BPPM, Yalikavak and am very pleased with the work that has been done. All through the process, Alex kept us informed daily with emails, texts and loads of photographs of work as it progressed. Someone I...
  5. J

    Roller Shutters

    Hi i need help i have roller shutters, i need some cord replacement, can anyone recommend where to go.? Thanks :thanks: JoyBri
  6. I

    Security Shutters

    Hi . Can anybody tell me where to bu security shutters in Fethiye and also prices including fitting. thank you:roundgrin
  7. G

    metal shutters /bars

    just a quickie and i know it's probably been covered before ,but i really need a good trustworthy person to talk to about either having metal shutters (or maybe bars)on the inside of one of my windows at my house in akbuk .i have the name and number that was mentioned in a thread the other day ...
  8. D

    Needing Help - Roller Shutters or Similar

    Hi there all, I need a bit of help if possible. As my Turkish is non-existent and my local knowledge is just as poor too. I am coming to Turkbuku to my Empty Villa at the beginning of next week (the 20th). The place has four glass doors & four windows that need to be secured at times when I...
  9. B

    security grilles,shutters in white.

    security grilles,roller shutters in white. any body know how much roughly for security white pvc roller grille shutters for 4 patio sliding doors,normal sizes,didnt measure them when in altinkum,didim, but going in july,any contacts much appreciated.all depends on price,doesnt...
  10. D

    window & door shutters

    instead of having grills we would like to have shutters instead, does anybody know of a company around Altinkum that supplies and fits them and at what cost. Thanks David & Helen
  11. V

    Steel Roller Shutters

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get a really good manufactured steel roller shutter for my villa - we were recently burgled and think this may be one of the best deterrents to fit to the french doors. We only want proper manufactured shutters - not home made preferbly...
  12. S

    security Bars / Shutters

    Me Again ! Can any one recommend the best security for windows don,t want the whole grill thing that covers the windows at all time just a couple of bars will do the job ! Also have patio doors so again any recommendations welcome Thanks
  13. M

    Interior Window Sercurity Shutters

    Is it possible to get these in Altinkum they must be interior?
  14. A

    Window Shutters and mosi nets

    Can anyone suggest a good company in Akbuk for roller shutters I would like to keep the business in Akbuk but Altinkum would be fine . We did get a price from one place in Akbuk(on the lefthand side going in from Altinkum) but we can only have brown on our site and he only does brown in...
  15. T

    Security Shutters

    We are thinking of getting Security shutters installed at our apartment on the Foresthills complex in Fethiye. Our agents have mentioned Bars and say there is 24 hour security anyway on the complex What do they mean by BARS as we would rather have more subtle hinged wrought iron doors on the...
  16. J

    Roller Shutters

    Does anyone know how much lockable roller shutters are?
  17. northender1

    Buying Window Shutters around Yalikavak?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy windows shutters around Yalikavak? I'm looking for 8 wooden shutters (lourved to let the air through) about 3 feet x 4 feet each. I know you can get them made to measure in Turkey, but no idea where from? Any recommendations please?
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