1. J

    Roller shutter repairs

    Does anybody know of a shutter repair company in didim.
  2. 5

    whats the best security shutter firm to use in altinkum

    hi folks im travelling out in 4wks and im going to need window and door security shutters fitted any help on who to use many thanks
  3. lara

    Shutter Island

    Anyone seen this film........................Brilliant. One of the best films I've seen in a long time. But it made me think........................what if reality was really just us living out our nightmares, spooky.
  4. L

    electric roller shutter doors.

    Could someone please offer advise on upvc electric roller shutter doors.we have a holiday home a 3 bedroom duplex between Fethiye and calis.We have just been informed we have been broken into so we are flying out there next week.Can anyone please reccomm:28:end a good company who fit these...
  5. A

    Shutter companies in Akbuk

    Can anyone recommend a shutter company in or around Akbuk It is the roller type we want plastic or aluminium must be brown(not allowed white on our site) I know there are a couple of companies in Akbuk but dont know anyone who has used them, Altinkum would also be ok. Thanks Gail
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