1. M

    Tapu Area Shown

    Our villa is part of a small complex. The first purchaser has now got their Tapu. However, the property size to which this refers is unclear. The square metres shown on the Tapu is the total size of the plot on which they are all built, which includes communal areas and the pool. It also...
  2. I

    Property Value Shown On TAPU

    My wife and I bought an apartment in Didim in 2005. When we eventually got the TAPU from the agent (he had POA) the value of the property shown on the TAPU was a third of what we paid. When we asked the agent about this, he informed us that the value shown on the TAPU was for tax purposes, was...
  3. Mushtaq

    Time shown on messages

    Time has now been fixed.
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