1. N

    computer showing most internet site as not trusted

    Hi, I have just dusted down my laptop after returning to Turkey after 11 months. For some reason most of the sites I use everyday in the uk including Hotmail , Wikepedia etc,are showing up as not trusted sites and I get a pop up saying someone may be pretending to use them to gain personals...
  2. shirleyanntr

    Finally Gül showing his colours

    At last Gül seems to be prepared to come out against Erdoğ the past he appears to have remained loyal rather than embarrass the PM and im sure he must have squirmed on many occasions. İ thnk that the worst scenario for Turkey and the region would be for the Syrian government to give way...
  3. A

    showing evidence and married query

    Hello I have been advised by another website that if I was married to a Turkish citizen and then applied for a Resident Visa I would not need to show any evidence of how I am supporting myself.. Apparently it is assumed your husband will support you But if single I would need to show bank...
  4. S

    Bar showing live Irish GAA Football Final Sep 22nd

    Hi, I will be on holidays in Bodrum next week and I'm looking for somewhere to watch the GAA Championship Football Final (on Setanta sports) at 5pm on Sunday 23rd. Can you recommend somewhere to go? Thanks, Sarah
  5. C

    Uploaded photo Not showing.

    hi What to do when the uploaded photo doesn't appear on the profile in the postings. Are new members disallowed from uploading their photo on their profile? Or is it just my own techno (Ludite) clumsiness? Sagol
  6. H

    In Hisaronu, are any bars open and showing Football this winter ?

    As we are staying in Hisaronu from early January until April 2012 my question is ... are there, or will there be any bars open locally where I can get my `football fix` on monday or wednesday nights and saturdays and Sundays ?
  7. shirleyanntr

    the AK Party showing double standards

    heres a hard hitting article which points out the double standards of the ruling party..which are becoming more apparent..especially since the uprising in the Arab world. RTE aka Mr Erdoğan is een to have double standrds when he urges the the Egyptian and Tunisian leaders tos tep down and...
  8. culturevulture

    all ireland final showing in swan bar

    Hi, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. Mods feel free to move. I just rang the Swan bar in Altinkum/Dophin Square. They are showing the All Ireland Hurling Final. If any one is interested. Any Tipp or Kilkenny fans around? :bigkiss: Mary.
  9. K

    Rental Guests show passports to Jandarma?

    Hi, I am confused what to do, can anyone advise please. Last year all owners on our villa site were told that if they have anyone staying at their villa, family and friends or paying guests, they would need to produce their passports to the local Jandarma stating who they were and how long they...
  10. ceemac

    Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls

    I think there was a thread about this guy previously but I can't find it. .Geert Wilders, the radical anti-Muslim Dutch politician, was celebrating a symbolic breakthrough on Thursday as his party won control of its first municipality in a show of strength ahead of June's general election..'...
  11. ceemac

    Turkish TV fined for showing Captain Haddock smoking!

    Wow... ANKARA - Turkey's media watchdog has fined a private television channel over scenes in the Tintin cartoon that show Captain Haddock and other villains smoking Here C
  12. arrian

    showing alink

    when it comes to computers, i am very, very limited in what i know, so if i see an interesting article, or a photo that looks realy good, or a website that i think someone might be interested in, i haven't a clue what to do. so if anyone can explain in idiot language i would be very grateful...
  13. GnD

    Sports bar showing cricket

    Does anyone know if there are any sports bars in the Dalaman, Dalyan or Fetihye area showing Sky Sports. Want to watch some of the cricket whilst I am over there in August. More misery for England probably but never mind. Thx
  14. G

    Satellite Images showing Kusadasi Regards GarryP
  15. G

    Satellite Images showing Altinkum /Akbuk

    Map of Akbuk wanted Does anyone have or can anyone knock up an outline map of Akbuk showing: a) the different area's like Yesilkent, Kumkent, etc b) area's of historical interest (the old church, harbour) c) the key shops & restaurants in the town Something alongs the line of the grid map on...
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