1. gam101

    Short Term RP Tax (1st time)

    Greetings folks. Just wanted to confirm if the tax to be paid for the STRP (first time) is 620TL and the 110TL card fees is the norm. Thank you. :)
  2. K

    Short term permit cancelled?

    Hi All, Hope you’re all ok after this crazy CV situation! I’ve just read about short term/touristic visas not being extended as of the start of 2020? We are due to get married next year, we’ve just bought a house. Does anyone know what type of visa I can apply for? Thank you!
  3. Ian2006

    Short term - 1 Year Residency

    Hi - as I’m not up to date with the latest short term residency rules - could I ask a quick question. If you own a property in Turkey and get a one year residency - does the 120 day rule still exist whereby you lose your residency if you are out of the country for 120 days or more? Finally...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Short trips that you have enjoyed

    I enjoyed reading about Freedom 49s short visit to Cappadocia but did not wish to hijack the thread. I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to add places which you would recommend to others. Back in February 'AngelaTurkey' recommended 'Birgi' near Ödemiş in the Izmir province. We went in...
  5. S

    New Turkish Short Term Rental to Friends

    I never rent out my semi villa but a close friend has asked if her son and 2 children can stay in my apartment as her place will be full with her other grandchildren. This is a no charge arrangement but I hear that I still have to register as a business ! Is this correct even although it is a...
  6. Justin

    Short visit to Istanbul

    We are thinking of flying to Istanbul for a few days. Going from Bodrum. Any advice on parking the car at Bodrum and a reasonable hotel in Istanbul. We fancy a look around the grand bazaar. I’ve also noticed there is more than 1 airport in Istanbul, does it matter which we fly in to?
  7. gally

    Short Term Internet Package

    Hi, can anyone tell me if and how I can go about getting unlimited internet for just 3 months (May to July). Not a VINN though, I've got one. We have fibre/Adsl to the site, we used to have it to the house but I cancelled a while back as we only stay 3 months now and had to have 24 months then...
  8. A

    Short term residence permit renewal URGENT

    Need some help. Trying to renew my short term residence permit(one year). I am using my laptop for this. Managed to login, enter all information in the red boxes. I did not enter my foreign residence number on the first page as was told not to. My current permit expires on 2nd March 2017. I...
  9. S

    Short Term Health Insurance

    Can anyone advise me as to whether it is possible for a UK resident on holiday over in Turkey to get short term health insurance from a Turkish company whilst in Turkey. Due to an absolute screw up , I have found out today that my Nationwide Flexplus Travel Insurance only covers me for 31 days...
  10. Devil's_Advocate

    Important: Short Term Rentals

    I have just come accross this very important article in the Fethiye Times- new legislation for short term rentals: "If you rent out your Turkish holiday home or investment property via Airbnb, a holiday letting agent or via your own website, even to friends and family, you need to be aware of...
  11. bickern

    A short history of the USA

    In the 15th Century, an Italian navigator headed west with the intention of discovering a western route to the riches of the Indies, after the imperial expansion of the "Religion of Peace" (trademark) had made the conventional eastern routes... erm... somewhat problematic. Slightly to his...
  12. gally

    Short Term Internet

    Can anyone advice the best option for internet (without phone) for two months? Just cancelled my TTNet package (while in UK) but now going out again for short two month visit. Thanks
  13. J

    Short term residency Turkey - help!

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm currently in Turkey on a tourist visa and it runs out start of August, this week I am going to apply for short term residence until the end of September. I have tried to look around and see exactly what I need but I'm unsure. Can anyone...
  14. Ian2006

    New Short Term Residency - Muhtar

    Hi - in Fethiye do you still have to get your local Muhtar to sign and stamp the Form 5 (konutta kalanlara ait kimlik bildirme belgesi)??? If so where do you get the form from as although I did it 3 years ago I can't remember - must be age :-)
  15. D

    short term circumstances!

    İ have decided to do yet another short term RP and i wonder how they assess income these days?...i get a pension in the UK from a private company and goes direct into my uk bank gets transfered every 6 months into my wife's pound account...she is Turkish!....i hope citizenship is...
  16. SimsekMertVural

    So long story short :) : Looking for female Housemate. ...

    Hello Dear Forum Members. I would like to announce little about my situation that i will be very soon need a housemate, a female friend to reduce my costs. The reason of sex i mention, owner family of the apartment i live, is local people from Antalya, little conservative and sensitive about...
  17. A

    Unlimited Internet Short term without contract?

    Merhaba, Im renting an apartment from febuary to July, and I want to get fast internet unlimited, can someone help me to find how much it costs without contract?
  18. T

    Short Translation Please

    Hi, I've just received a letter in Turkish from the bank I used in Turkey. I think, they're saying they are closing the account? (I haven't used it for a couple/3 years) I'm not sure if it's saying that I owe them something (lol they can go whistle), or if, something is left in the account...
  19. bickern

    A short bedtime story

  20. YogiPJ

    Airport Transfer / Holistic Dentist / Short Passport Expiry

    Hi Everyone It's been nearly 3 years since I was in Turgutreis, living there for a while and running what was Nirvana Bar (with lots of drama's :-) Anyway, I'm now living in Mexico running a Holistic Healing Center but am coming back To Turgutreis for about a month for a holiday in June, to...
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