1. A

    A comprehensive list of on-line food shops ..

    This lists all the web sites for specializes food and drink in Turkey ... Ankara: Where to find Special food items - Made Easier Guides - Turkey ... x As at 4th December 2020 - to Angela, from Angela x ...
  2. J

    Pork shops

    Hi We recently visited Fethiye from Avsallar and were amazed at all the pork shops. We are definitely going back as we loved the place so much but can anyone tell me if the pork shops are open all year around? Thanks
  3. bickern

    Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey

    The selling of cats and dogs from pet shops will be banned across Turkey, according to a new regulation from the Forestry and Waters Affairs Ministry. The ministry has prepared a draft law on animals, animal rights and pet shops following a series of meetings with representatives of animal...
  4. H

    Bars restaurants shops open out of season

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open out of season? Thanks
  5. W

    shops rent price rates in istanbuel

    Dear All i want to know what the rate of rent prices of shops , especially in Electrical market Best wishes
  6. B

    What time do the shops close

    Hi all. I will probably not get to Kusadasi bus station (Saturday) until around 10:30pm. I remember there is a Tansas opposite. Can anybody tell me what time it closes? I need to get some basics in. If closed where local to there can I try? Also where are good places to go of an evening...
  7. D

    Shops Burnt Down in Alanya town centre

    Today I noticed there was 2 (maybe 3) shops next to each other that had been completely burnt down. The location was just off the main shopping street, you turn down the side of Scala shoes (near ptt) and then its down a couple more side streets around that area, opposite a newish looking cafe...
  8. N

    furniture shops around Dalyan?

    hi i am returning to my apartment in Dalyan next month and need to replace the sofabed in time for next summer. i currently have an old fabric one but as I have changed the decor I need a new one. i was recommended a shop in Ortega but his prices kept going up lol i also would like to...
  9. C

    Shops burning

    We heard on the news this morning there has been some trouble in Manavgat & Colakli can anyone update me on the situation please, arriving next Friday to Colakli
  10. S

    Bayram and shops opening?

    Hiya, does anyone know if Kipa in Ortakent will be open over the Bayram weekend of the 17th-19th July? I seem to remember that they only shut for the first day, just wondered if that was changing this year? Thanks Sara
  11. R

    Repair and Auto paint shops in Izmir?

    Need to some small repairs to my in laws car. Also they would like to get the paint touched up or repainted. Its a Tofas so is not an expensive car but it is sentimental to them. Prefer places near Balcova. Thanks.
  12. J

    Furniture shops

    Is Antalya worth a visit for household items and garden furniture ETC . Everything very samey in Alanya and pricy . Thanks
  13. hayabusa

    Turkcell shops

    Can anyone recommend good Turkcell shop in Istanbul, and it would help if the staff speak English....which I think should not be a problem - so I have been told !..... Full address would be good so that I can find it on Sat. Navpreet.
  14. J

    (adult) shops or stores in Marmaris

    Are there (adult) shops or stores in Marmaris? if yes, where can I find them?
  15. stepwolf

    charity shops in Bitez or Bodrum area?

    are there any charity shops in bitez/bodrum? my mrs loves them (cant move for books here), and last year in turunc she found a "cat rescue", honest. its run by a lovely couple from bridge of wier a few miles outside Glasgow.
  16. meyavilla

    Fabric shops

    Hi All Could anyone please tell me if there are any good fabric shops in and around the Bodrum area. There used to be a good one in Bodrum itself but has now closed down. Many thanks Tracy
  17. Fran Dessop

    Beach Residence Gulluk - What's the area like?

    Hello there, me name is Fran and I'm coming to Gulluk this summer. I am hoping one of you lovely people could give me an idea of what's around the Beach Residence which is south of Gulluk. Are there nice beaches there? Any shops in that part of the world? Any photos would be fantastic. Thank you...
  18. RachelAlicia93

    Equestrian shops in Marmaris

    Hello! Bit of an odd question but does anyone know of any tacks shops or equestrian shops or anywhere that sells that kind of thing in Marmaris, or anywhere in the Mugla region? Thank you. :)
  19. shirleyanntr

    useful links to turkish online shops

    before you st off shopping its good to have a look at whats on offer and compare i hope you might find the following links useful i like the ayakkab─▒ d├╝nyasi site gives me an idea of different shoes they have..looking through them this morning i saw some fur lined boots ! they...
  20. G

    Triathalon and bike shops help please

    Hi all, Hope someone can help, I have some of the Team GB staying in Mahmutlar from June8th Well - all of team GB actually have the problem. The airlines are saying they have badly overbooked the amount of bikes that are being taken to Turkey. My question is are there any good bike shops in...
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