1. immac

    ETSY Shopping

    Not new, but new to me, is the ETSY shopping channel. A bit like Ebay, but mainly around small traders selling their produce. Worldwide, but you can filter it down to Turkey, or Europe. A lot of crafts and clothing, but also toys and art. Looks good for crafts. Site is in English, and payment...
  2. V

    Shopping in Metro

    I believe that you need a card to shop in Metro. Does anyone know if you can get one of these in store? We are going to be in Alanya tomorrow & I have seen a water heater on their website that I was hoping to get.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Politics of shopping

    here is a list of the top 10 businesses in Turkey by revenue. I found it interesting:- Biggest Turkish companies by revenue Just surmising. You will see that BIM is out ahead of Migros. in my opinion BIM customers are far more likely to be AKP supporters, and Migros customers are more likely...
  4. M

    mahmuytlar shopping mall

    I read somewhere that there is a new shopping mall planned for Mahmutlar. Can anyone provide information about this. Where is it going to be built, has it started and when will it be opened?
  5. M

    new shopping mall in mahmtlar

    I read somewhere that there is a new shopping mall planned for Mahmutlar. Can anyone provide information about this. Where is it going to be built, has it started and when will it be opened?
  6. V

    Shopping for a gas heater

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a portable gas heater in the Side/Manavgat area.
  7. gally

    Online shopping by card

    Hi can anyone help with info on using your turkish debit card to purchase online. Apparently you now have to give permission to your bank to use the card for online shopping. I'm in UK trying to book car rental in Turkey on my turkish card but it gets declined. I've emailed my bank (HSBC) and...
  8. SonnyJim

    Shopping Centre

    I was in Marmaris a couple of days ago. I went to the shopping centre next to what was Kipa ( soon to be Carrefour). This centre has never really taken off, I wanted to pop into Watsons. They were closed with red and white tape across the doors, as were the only 2 other shops there. Does...
  9. suzyq

    New limits on Duty Free shopping in Turkey

    If you want to look at the screenshot you need to open the link below VOICES understands that a new limit is being imposed on travellers buying goods at duty-free shops before they leave Turkey. From local media and Londra Gazette, the Turkish newspaper based in London, they say duty-free...
  10. ibrahimwoah

    Help me with my Online Shopping!

    Hey guys, I've been looking at buying something for quite a while, and I found a website with a great offer. I got that "this price is too good to be true" feeling, so I'm here to ask if the website "akakce" (c with a hyphen) is safe! So... is it? :hmm:
  11. immac

    American Black Friday Shopping

    I do a lot of on-line shopping using US stores, esp Amazon US. Sometimes they will not ship out of USA, so I then use to buy and ship. have sent a reminder of upcoming shopping events, which I hope you will find useful: "Mark your calendars! Find the biggest discounts of the...
  12. A

    Shopping for Furniture in Istanbul

    Hello, Can someone advise me on shopping for furniture in Arnavotkoy and/or Fatih areas. Where can I go for shopping? Can someone recommend some shops? Thanks a a lot. Abr
  13. O

    Nearest town with bars and shopping to Turquoise resort?

    Can anyone give some local info. I know there are 2 bars outside the turquoise (sunset and ocean view). Where is the nearest town with bars and clothes it Gulluk? We went to Bodrum last night but the dolmus took us 50mins and the taxi back was 120tl so I'm trying to see if...
  14. F

    Novada Shopping centre Side

    Has the Novada shopping centre opened?
  15. mollag

    More sad news - another Istanbul bombing

    Three killed, more than 10 injured in suicide attack in central Istanbul - LOCAL
  16. B


    Hi I am new to the site but not to Turkey and the Bodrum area. I will be visiting again soon I have been told there is a factory/place near to Bodrum that sells all the really high quality leather designer goods at wholesale prices, anyone know where this is, or can you recommend the best place...
  17. teosgirl

    New shopping malls in Izmir

    Point Bornova Recently opened, Izmirs first H and M store is located here. I haven't visited yet but I've heard lots of good things about it. Easily accessible from the otoban - Ikea turn off. Mavibah├že - AVM Also recently opened and located in Karsiyaka, apparently not all the stores are...
  18. immac Shopping Site New to me, and only in Turkish, it is closest to in style. Multiple sellers with wide range of quality goods. So far I have found it to be fast and cheap for things often hard to find in Turkey. Described as: " is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of...
  19. C

    Internet food shopping

    Does anyone know if I can buy my supermarket shopping on line and have it delivered. I live in Yalikavak. Thanks.
  20. g4ryj

    Tax Free Shopping

    Being a full time resident in Turkey, I have claimed VAT back on some of the purchases that I have made in UK. On a recent trip to the UK I purchased an item from Staples and they provided me with relevant forms and receipts at the time. The agency that Staples use is a company called Vivat...
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