1. S

    Ducks from shop eggs

    Another happy story from lockdown
  2. immac

    Health Food Shop (Fethiye Area)?

    Is there a health food shop in or around Fethiye? Google just throws back shops that say they sell healthy food. Chemists seem to sell a small range of tablets or drinks, but a bit hit and miss, with generally small stock/choice. I can buy on-line, but I would like to browse. In particular, I...
  3. paddington bear

    Christmas Shop

    Can anyone please tell me if there is still a Christmas shop in Antalya. I remember going years ago but have no idea where it was.
  4. V

    Best places to shop for sofa/lounge furniture

    Hi.....I have had a look online and can't see anywhere around Side/Manavgat area with a decent website and prices. We are still in the UK and wanted to sus out where to head for when we go out in April. Does anyone know of a decent furniture store in the area? We might try IKEA but somewhere...
  5. A

    Lighting shop (dalaman area/region)

    I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for lighting shops in the dalaman area- happy to travel. Any websites/Facebook pages would be great.
  6. mollag

    Imekli shop

    I was in the Imekli shop 2 days ago to say hello, nice folk there, today I find it closed and shuttered, I can only imagine it must be bad news for this to occur. :noidea:
  7. D

    Hunting shop

    Hi, is there a shop around bodrum area that sells hunting equipment, fishing, guns, etc ? Thanks
  8. Spurs

    The Gun Shop

    Christ how disturbing that programme was. Channel 4, people need to watch it maybe just to get an insight to life in America when it comes to owning guns. For the children its just like going into Toys R Us. Makes more than grateful that we have not reached anything like that here.
  9. S

    TLF Shop

    In my absence have any new branches opened? Is there by now a superstore and online purchasing facility?
  10. SAMIMI

    Where is the glass makers shop?

    I have a glass shelf which has just split in two. I need to get a new one cut to size. Does anyone know where the glass maker shop is please?
  11. bickern

    Gun shop reports soaring AR 15 sales

    If this is true then how many guns does a gun shop hold in stock? I dread to think how much Ammo. 15,000 from 1 dealer seems hard to believe to me but then again I have never visited America. I would have thought the website oversold if it is true. If I knew that people all around me were...
  12. ted j

    Music shop Kusadasi

    We're off to Kusadasi tomorrow and just wondered if anyone knows of a music shop there (not one that sells cds, but one that sells musical instruments and amplifiers) Any info will be greatly appreciated
  13. captain

    Home made soap shop

    Does anyone know where the home made soap shop has moved to? Couldn't find it yesterday.
  14. T

    furniture shop in bodrum

    Hi..anyone recommend a furniture shop that will deliver to gumusluk area? Need a new double bed and a table/chairs for kitchen on our next visit. Needs to be on the dolmus route as don't want to hire a car and would be great if they had a website so I can 'window shop' before going. I see loads...
  15. C

    Smoking in the pork shop marina road didim

    Can anyone tell me when the law changed allowing smoking in a food shop? i must of missed it as everytime i go into the PORK SHOP on the marina road they are sitting in a cloud of smoke.? I am an non smoker who doesnt usually care about smoking,but this is a food shop selling open food ie cheese...
  16. E

    Used furniture shop?

    Hi, I have heard that there is a big shop that buys and sells used furniture somewhere near the Devlet hospital. Does anybody have a closer description to where it is exactly?
  17. M

    Baby shop fethiye

    Hi does anyone know if there is a baby shop in Fethiye that sells baby walkers, cots etc, thanks mike
  18. E

    Secondhand phone shop?

    Does anyone know of a secondhand phone shop in Didim? I had a quick walk around but if there was one I missed it. I'm looking for a used smart phone.
  19. J

    shop unit for sale

    shop unit for sale 200 mtrs from sea front it is currently let on a yearly basis the size is 162 mtrs square it has the height inside to build an apartment also it has a nice terrace in front and apartments overhead and shop units at both sides and shop units at other side of street a lovely...
  20. A

    Hire shop

    Is there anywhere in Didim where you can hire scaffolding / work platforms etc And what prices are they please
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