1. Camden

    Shocking Report

    Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths The Conservatives have been accused of “economic murder” for austerity policies which a new study suggests have caused 120,000 deaths. The paper found that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led efficiencies than...
  2. T

    Aleppo barrel bomb attack in shocking new report

    A Syrian factory worker has described the hellish aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo in a shocking new report on the conflict. Describing an attack on the al-Fardous district of Syria's second city, he said: 'I saw children without heads, body parts everywhere. It was how I imagine...
  3. bal canavar

    Shocking !!!

    The world famous Glasgow Art school housed in the unique Rennie Mackintosh building has partly been destroyed
  4. T

    Shocking results for big brand sunscreen

    it is important to use a sun cream that does protect you, hope this gives some beneficial information Three sun lotions fail SPF tests - AOL Money UK
  5. altinkum kev


    An eight-year-old Yemeni girl died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age, a social activist and two local residents said, in a case that has caused an outcry in the media and revived debate about child brides. Arwa Othman, head of Yemen House of...
  6. C

    so shocking....

    And still there are stupid people who believe gay is a you think anyone would choose to have to go through something like this to show they are a man. Gay teens starved, tortured, killed at camp to turn them into ?men? | Gay Star News
  7. Jaycey

    Shocking photos

    This pic really brought it home to me ...
  8. B

    shocking behaviour in Altinkum shopping centre

    I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to share this with you. My mom has recently returned from Altinkum, she was asked by a friend to bring a football shirt back with her. She saw a shirt in one of the shops but was unsure. The shop worker first of all offered it for 50tl, then...
  9. teosgirl

    shocking child bride abuse

    LOCAL - Underage bride allegedly tortured, raped by in-laws in Turkey's northwest She must have been 14-15 when they wed (obviously in an illegal Imam ceremony) I hope they catch her relatives - the in-laws - they sounds like a really sick bunch. Charlotte
  10. arrian

    this is shocking

    how evil can one person be! Husband chops off wife's fingers to stop her studying for a degree | Mail Online
  11. bickern

    Shocking cruelty at massive abattoir

    Appalling cruelty, including cigarettes being stubbed out on the faces of pigs, has been revealed in secret filming inside a slaughterhouse. The footage of pigs being burned, punched and smacked across the head with sharp paddles was captured by animal welfare campaigners. They reveal the...
  12. tomc1984

    Shocking panorama programme Undercover Care

    Absolutely speechless, angry etc. after watching horrifying panorama undercover programme. Let's hope criminal charges are brought. BBC iPlayer - Panorama: Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed
  13. John O' Dreams

    Shocking details of horse cruelty revealed

    Heartbreaking details of how a horse - rescued from a farm last year - died despite the best efforts of an animal sanctuary were revealed yesterday. The Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in Antrim was brought in to save three horses and a donkey from a field in Ballynahinch after they were...
  14. teosgirl

    shocking story in the turkish press

    EVRENSEL -- 362 years for 1-lira extortion A prosecutor in the southeastern Anatolian province of Diyarbakır demanded 362 years imprisonment for four teenagers who were accused of extorting 1 Turkish Lira from two other minors, the daily Evrensel reported Friday. Youths aged between 14 and 15...
  15. P


    Simply a shocking thing to hear that raises so many questions.. Girl sells sister, 7, for sex -  World News - MSN News UK
  16. ceemac


    "Next time I go to Wales I am going to wear an extra thick pair of trousers. In fact, I might just stay over this side of the Severn Bridge and listen out for the howls of delinquent dogs. Confirming its reputation as a body committed to the really big issues in national life, the Welsh...
  17. zuberdust

    2O Unhealthiest drinks in AMERICA... shocking..

    20. Worst Light Beer Samuel Adams Light (12 oz bottle) 124 calories 10 g carbohydrates Not a bad beer, but don't think you can sit around sipping these for four quarters without eventually paying the price in belly fat. With tasty beers like Beck's 64-calorie Premier Light readily available...
  18. B

    Shocking news

    A message from Phil Robinson to one of the Directors of No-nem has been passed to me. It reads: "my position as m.d. of no-nem is now no longer tenable. I am resigning as from 9 am Monday. I will free transfer an amount of shares to a poss new candidate. our other shares will be sold in uk...
  19. Andy

    Funny & Shocking Stories

    Stories of stupidity, incompetence and bad luck. ----------------------------------------------- 10 mins of interesting reading 1. In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in 50 cm of water after squeezing headfirst through a 30cm-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys. 2. A...
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